Snuzpod Buyers Guide


The SnüzPod is a revolutionary way to ensure your baby is in the safest environment during those wee hours. It’s a remarkable alternative to traditional Cots, Moses Baskets and Cribs, designed to provide peace of mind during the night. Follow our handy Cuckooland guide to this year’s Nursery must-have:

Benefits of the SnüzPod:

  • It’s a stylish and practical 3-in-1 Cot, Bedside Crib & Bassinet. Learn more about the Snuzpod here.
  • Sleep closer to your precious babe in total comfort and safety.
  • Those pesky midnight feeds are a breeze with easy reach and access.
  • Enjoy a peaceful nights rest safe in the knowledge you can always see your little one…
  • Safer alternative to basic co-sleeping.
  • Helps to reduce the risk of SIDS, especially for newborns to 6-month-old babies.

How To Create a Dreamy Snuzpod

  1. Colour Coordinate: SnüzPod comes in a variety of colours to complement your decor.
  2. Match that Mattress: the SnüzPod Natural Crib Mattress is made from luxurious natural materials for a cloud-like sleep solution.
  3. Added Protection: the SnüzPod Waterproof Crib Mattress Protector is made from 100% super-soft cotton with a waterproof membrane for those unavoidable accidents.
  4. Beautiful Bedding: the Snüz Crib White Bedding Set features luxury jersey fitted sheets and a jersey baby blanket for an extra snuggly feel.
  5. Super Storage: the SnüzPod Storage Pocket keeps all of your baby’s essentials in one handy place.



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