Spread The Joy This World Smile Day

There are many reasons to smile this October but none so apt as World Smile Day on the 2nd. That’s right, the very first Friday of October (today, in fact) is supposed to be celebrated with an ear-to-ear grin and one act of kindness to really make someone smile. Founded in 1999 by the creator of the yellow smiley face, Harvey Ball, World Smile Day is all about spreading the joy. Harvey Ball created the day after he concluded that his infamous yellow smiley face logo had become too commercial and lost its real meaning, and was established to recognise that a smile knows no religion or politics and that we should all spread a little happiness.

World smile day logo

When Harvey passed away in 2001 the Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation was established to pay tribute to Harvey’s memory as well as sponsor World Smile Day. The World Smile Foundation now works to raise money through donations and the licensing of the smiley face for charities worldwide. So to celebrate this awesome day of kindness Cuckooland will show you how to putting smiles on those faces we so love to see with unique and quirky gifts. Spread the joy with our tips for raising a smile from your nearest and dearest.

 Please A Partner

Your partner is with you through thick and thin, and when times get hard they are on hand to help pick up the pieces. So why not indulge in a little act of kindness this World Smile Day and give a little gift of gratitude. When it comes to gifts for couples we have you covered with gifts for him and gifts for her. Not content with the usual run-of-the-mill gifts, we have the quirkiest, and the coolest acts of kindness around. Why not give your loved one a vintage brushed copper telephone so they can always be reached when you need to say how much you love them. Or how about a ‘Love Is’ light up sign to show that special someone just how much they make you shine!

Light up sign in Love Is design

Love Is… Light Box From £55.00

Make Those Parents Proud

Our parents have spent countless years raising us with the greatest of care. Every little need was met with love, laughter and joy. So it goes without saying that on a day that celebrates smiles, you should give back to those who have made you smile from birth. We have some great gift ideas for mums; from garden inspired gifts to culinary essentials for those foodie mums. We all know that mums just love to look after others so why not give the gift of good nature with an Orla Kiely Bird House.

stylish bird house designed by Orla Kiely

Orla Kiely Birdhouse From £29.95

But it’s not just mum who works hard, for Dad has done a lot of the heavy lifting over the years and deserves a little recognition. Dads are the unsung heroes on hand with taxi services, DIY skills and strong advice when you need it most. A little act of kindness goes a long way and Dad will be over the moon with a Whiskey Wedge Drinks Tumbler to enjoy after a hard day of dad duties. Don’t wait until Father’s day to spoil dear old dad, treat him to something special with Cuckooland.

Whiskey Wedge by Root 7

Whiskey Wedge Drinks Tumbler From £14.95

Keep The Kid’s Chuckling With Delight

They drive us crazy, mess up the house, have incredible tantrums and barely listen to a thing you say, but kids are a unique kind of fun! These pint-sized humans can make your heart swell with pride from the smallest of gestures. They have the greatest outlook on life and have the biggest hearts when it comes to love. So this World Smile Day why not give a little of that joy back with a small token of your appreciation. We have some fantastic gifts for kids; from wigwams and playhouses to gifts for little gardeners and the coolest beanbags you’ve ever seen.

Woouf bean bag in oversized doughnut design

Pink Donut Bean Bag From £89.95

A Fine Gift For A Friend

Our friends make us laugh like no one else. In-jokes, embarrassing secrets, and all those times you failed hard at life are carefully documented for when we need a friendly reminder of why you’re best friends. When friends act more like family it’s only natural to want to repay them for all the pick-me-up chats, fond memories and silly scenarios. So this World Smile Day give those all-important besties a gift of gratitude in the shape of something awesomely cool. Give a Make Your Own Gift and have fun with your buddy creating cookies, cakes, pizza and bread like a couple of contestants on the Bake Off.

make your own chocolate cake making kit

Chocolate Cake Baking Kit From £17.95

Make Rover Smile

Our pets give so much love and expect so little in return. For those who have pets, they will, of course, know the unconditional love an adorable doggy or kitty gives. Get those tails wagging this World Smile Day with a little gift for a beloved pet. Here at Cuckooland we’re crazy about pets and have a huge array of gift ideas for those four legged lovelies. From luxury dog beds to the softest pillows and blankets which will have your cat purring with delight.

grey luxury dog bed

Antoinette Dog Bed From £249.00

Our loved ones really are the center of our entire universe and deserve a little praise now and again. So spread the love and kindness this World Smile Day with a gift from Cuckooland.


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