The 10 Best Themes for Kids Bedrooms

Lets face it, we like to think there’s still a little bit of kid in all of us. Especially true when we decide to give our baba’s bedroom a makeover! But when converting Nursery to Toddler room and then into a Kids bedroom, so often our child like tendencies get dumped in the ‘that would have been so cool’ corner in favour of ‘the safe and responsible thing to do’. Down monkey chatter! No one puts our baby mind in the corner! While sturdy, safe furniture is a must, boys and girls aren’t too fussed about ‘sleek, contemporary design’ – they really just want a fun, funky, furious theme to adore!

You’ll need to really curb those tendencies and stop those grown up thoughts from ‘normalising/sterilising’ (boring!) your munchkin’s décor. So instead of being Master & Commander of their room, get the little ones involved in choosing themes that inspires creativity and indulges their imagination. To bring baby mind into the spotlight, here are our 10 best themes for kids’ bedrooms:

10. The Pirate’s treasure cove

pirate bunk bed

Pirate Corner Bunk Bed from £1,490.00

Let’s begin with a perennial favourite amongst kids of all ages: the swarthy, salty pirate theme, fit for an ‘aarrrrrr’ or two in the morning sun. That’s a gasp of wonder, by the way, since you can give a pair of buccaneers their own bunk bed, sitting beyond a treasure map floor quilt that’s straight out of a picture book. Set up a pirate shack by the door, so any lookouts can see who’s coming to their island!

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9. The Fairytale finish

Lifetime four poster girls bed

Wonderland Luxury Four Poster Bed from £1,255.00

Mini princesses are a sucker for getting lost in their own head now and then. Give their imagination sustenance with a fairy-tale bedroom, replete with tents, critter-mad wallpaper and giant mushroom stools. Pink is the order of the day, and you can indulge her dressing routine with a white vanity table, grafted to resemble Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty’s favourite thinking spot.

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8. A night at the Circus


Morocco design bed by Lifetime

Morrocco Chic 4 Poster Bed from £1,195.00

Roll up, roll up, see this magnificent kids’ hideaway for yourself! The beauty of a circus theme is that, quite winningly, anything can be deployed, as long as it’s vivid and entertaining. An animal show can be represented by plush, curious wall features; meanwhile, a pavilion bed adds the dazzle factor, alongside more modest touches like a clown tepee. You can even buy special circus beanbags, offering (for example) a buttery portion of popcorn visuals to get your child in the spirit for the big-top.

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7. Lighting a Fireman’s flames

Fire Truck Toddler Bed

Fire Truck Toddler Bed from £159.00

Kids always seem to have a keen interest in uniformed heroes. While Spider Man and Captain America may litter their DVD collection, it’s heartening to see a child who thinks the world of firemen – so much so, in fact, that they want to be one themselves! Cuckooland’s firefighter theme is as hot as can be, with red locker wardrobes, rope-dangling cabin beds, and a white/scarlet desk for planning that next rescue…

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6. Out on the range – the Wild West theme

Teepee Style Cabin Bed

Kids Teepee Cabin Bed from £395.00

Almost halfway through our countdown, we’ve come to another childhood staple: the rootin’, tootin’ Wild West. For prospective cowboys and cowgirls, add the dry twist of an American desert to their bedroom, with camping-style cabin sleepers that gaze out to natural lighting in the day. Furnish the floor with woven rugs, and create a boundary between ‘Cowboy’ and ‘Indian’ parts of the plain: one can be stacked with toy hats and guns, whilst the other has a rocking horse to spur on.

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5. All hail a Knight’s room!

Lifetime Knight Corner Bunk Bed

Knight Corner Bunk Bed from £1,360.00

For something a tad more noble and quintessentially British, go for a Medieval setup, with wallpaper showing brave little boys fighting dragons three times their size… Beanbags, covers and quilts enforce a castle aesthetic, making good use of grey and blue. If you’re feeling generous, buy a full-on playhouse that lets youngsters have their very own keep; just remember that you’ll have to pay tribute to the king whenever you enter!

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4. A Woodland paradise

Mathy By Bols designer kids beds

Kids Treehouse Bunkbed from £2,350.00

If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of many surprises, including a host of animal toys, bookends and display pieces that are supremely cuddle-worthy. Getting kids into nature has to be one of the finest accomplishments you can pull off. Their passion for everything green and mud-trodden can be matched in beds that ape a treehouse, or a hanging chair to simulate the sway of a spring branch.

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3. The bedroom that Time forgot…

Kids Tent Cabin Bed in Green

Children’s Tent Cabin Bed from £1,035.00

Our themes are hotting up now for the top pick, and we’re certain that dinosaur designs are a winner for toddlers and young archaeologists. Kids don’t tire of chewing up those Jurassic vibes, so make them feel like they’re camping out in a swamp, with a T-Rex just over the next bayou. Orange, brown and mint green tones are a must, combined with a tent bed and quirky tree bookcase. Don’t forget a healthy contingent of toothed terrors for prowl duty whilst your baba’s at school.

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2. A need for Speed!

Julien Bowen race car bed in red

Scorpion Kids Race Bed from £249.95

Speeding into second place is a rush of car and plane ideas, some of which will leave you in a dust cloud of amazement. This theme can show off some marvellous details, like those doodled over camper van, bus and Ferrari-based bed frames. Your child can wake up in the driving seat of their décor; after a race, they can crash on a chair or chaise longue with machinist patterns bumping all over it. And for storage? Try a petrol-pump packing unit, filling up the gap in your tyke’s provisions.

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1. Taking your child to the Stars

luxury kids rocket ship bed

Discovery Astronauts Cabin Bed from £1,595.00

For Cuckooland’s ultimate room theme, we couldn’t beat the sentiments of outer-space! As you count your boy or girl off for launch, they can go goggle-eyed at their new rocket ship sleeper, ready to tread where no-one has before. On their mission, they’ll encounter the dwindling planets of our solar system on the wall and eventually come to alien toys on a star-dashed rug. All they need is a helmet, a laser gun, and the War Of The Worlds soundtrack on high volume – Houston, we’ve made contact with a truly universal theme…

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We doubt you can deny having a slight thrill at the prospect ahead of you. Themed bedrooms blur the line between fantasy and the real world; a facet of youth, perhaps, that we should stimulate in every way possible. Call Cuckooland’s support team on +44 (0) 1305 231231 with any theme you can think of. We’ll do our best to accommodate it, or you can flick through our best-selling themes for a plan you and your cherub can agree on.

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