The Back to School Bedroom Makeover Guide

The summer holidays are almost over and the back to school build-up has begun. Sorry kids! If you’re a parent the chances are that your shopping list is full of new clothes, backpacks, notebooks and pencils to send your little one back to the classroom fully prepared.

While school supplies are essential, creating a happy space at home for your child is a crucial next step in helping your little star shine. From hunkering down to homework to getting a great night’s sleep, having a positive and productive environment will do wonders for your child’s development and grades.

So get creative this summer and give your kid’s bedroom a brilliant back to school makeover with the help of Cuckooland! We have everything you need to produce the perfect pad for your offspring, from funky furniture designed to make tidying up less of a chore, to awesome kids bedroom accessories that will brighten up their room.

girls table and chairs set

Table and Chair Set in Heart Design From £119.00

Anything-but-Boring Beds

We know it can be a struggle to get your kids into bed on a school night. Even the most tired tots can cause a fuss at bedtime. But with our range of fabulously fun sleeping solutions, they’ll be begging to go to bed early.

Here at Cuckooland, we believe that beds should never be boring! Our range features everything from cool tent and caravan-shaped cribs to cupboard-style cabins with folding doors where your cheeky monkeys can hide out after dark. Let their imaginations run wild with our Tree House Bed, which comes complete with a rope ladder, or choose one of the other amazing designs from our best of kids beds collection.

mathy by bols kids bed

Mathy By Bols Children’s Tent Cabin Bed From £1,045.00

We also have some stylish options for older kids and teenagers, including high sleeper beds with functional areas underneath. Check out the Parisot Kids Swan High Loft Sleeper Bed in white. It comes fully equipped with a desk, hanging rail and shelves, offering the perfect fusion of work, storage and sleeping space – ideal for smaller bedrooms.

Kids Avenue High Loft Sleeper

Parisot Kids Swan High Loft Sleeper Bed From £349.00

Super Storage Ideas

A tidy home is a happy home, or so they say. Inspire your little one to keep their bedroom clean and organised with some practical storage ideas. Putting away toys, books and clothes will make it much easier to get ready in the morning and will create a more streamlined study space. Plus, it leaves lots more room to play!

As you should know by now, we don’t do ordinary here at Cuckooland and our storage solutions are no different. The botanical-inspired Louane Tree Bookcase is ideal for storing school books in style, with 20 colours to choose from. We also adore our Amsterdam House Wardrobes; offering plenty of space inside for clothes, shoes and toys and it’s a super cool addition to your child’s room. Alternatively, our Locker Style Wardrobe has enough function and style to get the kids dressed in time and in the mood for school.

 Kids Tree Bookshelf

Louane Tree Bookcase From £595.00

Wonderful Workspaces

Whether they’re revising for exams or just starting to read, encourage your kids to do their homework with a dedicated space for learning. Away from the hustle and bustle of the home (and let’s face it, the TV) they’re much more likely to ace those tests and get great grades.

At Cuckooland, we have a range of beautifully designed desks that definitely aren’t dull. Kids will love the New Worker Design Kid’s Desk that features cool locker-style ventilation grills and number decals, while our white Writing Desk by Woood is both practical and pretty, with a large surface area and four spacious drawers. Simply add a chair from our collection and you’ll instantly create a space that’s ready for some serious studying.

Woood writing desk

Writing Desk From £285.00

Comfy Chill-Out Areas

Of course, life shouldn’t just be work, work, work; everyone needs some time to relax and have fun. Provide your kids with a place to unwind after a day of lessons and after-school activities, with a cosy chill-out space. Browse our range of children’s chairs and you’ll find everything from child-sized arm chairs to small sofas and chaise longues where they can read a book or catch up on their favourite TV documentary (Animal Planet or History Channel??). At Cuckooland, we also have a super selection of squishy kids bean bags available in every shape imaginable, from Rubik’s cubes to burgers!

To create a place where they can hang out (literally!), check out our amazing Hanging Cacoon Chair, a luxurious hammock-style pod that can be suspended from the ceiling. From toddlers to teenagers, we doubt there’s a kid out there who wouldn’t love one of these chairs hanging in their bedroom.

Kids Cacoon in blue

Hanging Single Cacoon in cool Turquoise From £220.00

Fun Furnishings & Finishing Touches

Once you have all the essential components in place, you can let your creative juices flow with some unique decoration. If there’s one room in your home where you can really go crazy with the design details, it’s the kids bedroom, so don’t hold back! Cuckooland specialises in fun and quirky items that will add a fabulous look to a child’s room, from brilliant bedding and colourful cushions, to out-of-the-ordinary accessories.

Snurk Astronaut Duvet Bedding Set

Snurk Astronaut Duvet Bedding Set From £44.95

Give their walls a fresh new look while avoiding the hassle of painting or wallpapering with our range of easy-to-apply wall stickers. Designs range from educational world map stickers to colourful stars, robots and dinosaurs. Framed art is another great way to add interest to a wall and can even help them with their schoolwork, such as wall art from Olli Ella. These little finishing touches will transform their bedroom from a simple place to sleep into a playful paradise where they’ll want to spend every spare second.

So there we have it Cuckooland readers, our ultimate guide to back to school bedroom makeovers! We’ve done our homework to bring you the best furniture and accessories and we’re top of the class when it comes to kids bedroom décor. We hope this guide has inspired you to transform your child’s room into a fun and fabulous place where they can sleep and study in style. For some more great ideas, just take a look at our Kid’s Bedroom and Furniture collection.

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