The Back To School Bedroom Makeover

If you’re still in the thick of the school holidays, September will seem like a slowly forming mirage in the distance. The new term may feel a million miles away, but now is the perfect time to start preparing for those morning school runs and evening spelling practice.

So, as the school term loops back around, its time to give your child’s bedroom a fresh makeover to inspire them and prepare them for all the new exciting things ahead. We have some amazing ideas we’d love to share with you:


Sleeping on it

For kids starting a new school, or even for those who find between-year transition a bit scary, we advice focusing on finding a bed that’s everything they’ve dreamed of whilst remaining familiar, comfortable and useful for work, storage and play!

A clean, simple, and invigorating sleeping space could be just what they need to banish the worry of an incoming term. Something like the Max White Kids Bed could fit that mould, as there isn’t much to detract from the smooth, Holland-born design that reaches back into storage compartments above the headboard. It’s a sleek, simple and oh-so-comfy solution for growing kids, without bells or whistles to distract them from an easy sleep.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 07.19.19

Max White Kids Bed From £295.00

You can, however, give them a storage-savvy bed to squirrel away all of their favourite knick-knacks in one place. For convenience’s sake, check out the Kids Cabin Bed by Asoral. It has a whopping 8 drawers, making it one of our most robust cabin options that effectively uses all space below the raised bed. Or, if you’re looking for a bed that leaves room for study, Kids Shade Multisleeper has ample storage, with the added feature of a pull-out desk. Both of these will save the need for multiple wardrobes and such. Learn more about kids beds with our guide, or view our collection here.

Asoral Designer Children's Cabin Bed

Kids Cabin Bed With 8 Drawers From £2,150.00

All locked up

Getting dressed is always fun and games when you’re searching for a sock that’s gone AWOL or encouraging your little one to learn how to tie a tie in the eleventh hour. While these life lessons are just as important as any geography class, you don’t want to rock up late to their first day back at school. So encourage top notch organisational skills by investing in a great, spacious wardrobe or dresser.

Woood 3 Door Locker Style Wardrobe

Connect 3 Door Locker From £425.00

In keeping with the school-minded theme, we’re bowled over by the Connect 3 Door Locker, which transforms an entire wall into a haven for clutter and clothes. We can even add optional drawers if you want them. Your brood won’t have any more excuses to stumble confusedly about the house at 8.30am, as almost anything can fit neatly inside this storage monster.

Mathy by Bols drawers

Kids Chest of Drawers From £1,280.00

If you looking for a piece of furniture to bring out the fun and creative side of your kiddies bedroom, then take Cuckooland’s advice, and go for the Kids Chest of Drawers (above) from Mathy By Bols. Shaped like a story-book drawing, with curved feet and wings fit for a Disney princess, there isn’t a girl alive who wouldn’t be delighted to call such a creative object their own. If space is more of a concern, however, there’s always the Kalon Studios Kids Caravan Dresser to make up for it, with smart, angular design that both boys and girls will love.

Kalon set of drawers

Kalon Studios Kids Caravan Dresser From £1,190.00

Hitting the books

So, the wee ones are getting tidier already, but what happens when your child comes home, yanking at their schoolbag, stationary and books with the pressure of homework to contend with? For mums and dads, it’s hard to know exactly how much to help; but you can’t go wrong with a personal desk slotted into the perfect room setting ready for knuckling down too.

One of the most assured purchases you can make comes in the form of an Adjustable Writing Desk by Lifetime: it configures to a wide range of heights, keeping pace with your child’s development through the years. Its white visual finish also means it won’t go out of fashion during that time – heaven forbids they out-cool their trusty desk!

Lifetime Kids Desk in white

Adjustable Writing Desk From £479.00

Of course, paper and pens are just a small portion of the tools kids-these-days are expected to use. For long nights spent researching subjects online, or preparing documents and PowerPoint slides, you can place a safe bet on a Designer Computer Desk to lend the practicality they’ll require. With intelligently designed desk dimensions sitting atop a generous drawer and side panel, there’s a stylish place for all their tech, in addition to catering for laminates, folders and work books that need a home.

Computer Desk by Mathy By Bols

Designer Computer Desk From £1,010.00

Top marks for presentation

It pays to be practical as a parent, but to really foster that bright young mind, you also need to fill their homework haven with a few inspiring touches that will nudge them in the right direction (maybe even top-of-the-class grades?).

Wall and floor stickers are a fun way to refresh your kid’s décor as they shoot through school. For little ones taking their first ventures into their ABCs and 123s, we love the Hopscotch Vinyl Floor Sticker, encouraging your son or daughter to hop skip and jump into their Monday morning routine.

Hopscotch Vinyl Floor Sticker

Hopscotch Vinyl Floor Sticker From £49.00

Decorating a kid’s or teen’s bedroom? Help them organise their week in a super creative way with a Chalkboard Wall Sticker – allowing them to doodle, plan and jot away to their heart’s content! By giving them the freedom to update their wall as they see fit, you won’t have to worry about when the next request for a bedroom makeover might come round.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 21.30.47

Chalkboard Wall Sticker From £30.00

Saying goodbye at the school gates is always the hardest thing to do, no matter how old they’re getting. Children may not always appear ready for the back-to-school changeover, but we know, secretly, they’re desperate to have some structure again, see what their friends have been up to, and jump on-board a new term plan.

With these tips, you’ll whip up a firm sense of fun about the school year. To see our other favourite items for this purpose, browse through our kids bedroom range.

Or call our friendly Kids Bedroom Dreamteam on (0) 1305 231 231 for more advise, inspiration or just to shoot the new term breeze.

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