The Best Christmas Gifts For Festive Couples 2016

What do we love most about Christmas? Is it stocking fillers, mulled wine, the nostalgia of a Nativity play, watching the kids open their pressies? All four of these, with maybe a bit of mistletoe thrown in? If you know a couple who’ve just met, or are still in the throes of a glorious romance we bet they can’t wait to shuffle under that green halo, wriggling with anticipation and excitement as the carollers chime outside. Hey… it’s a great image ok and far more pc than what might be going on!

Errr and that’s none of our business, but isn’t it lovely to see two people celebrating their love at this time of year? To help you buy the coolest gift for the coolest couple, we’ve narrowed down 10 of the best Christmas Gifts for Couples-  take a peek below, we’ve tipped our top 10 gifts for couples out of the sack…

10. Trobla Wooden Amplifier Speakers

Natural wood smart phone amplifier speaker

Kicking off our countdown, the Trobla Wooden Amplifier is a ‘sound’ choice for a music-hungry pair. Incredibly, it does away with complicated tech for the hollowed, resounding acoustics. Just slot your smartphone into the docking station and be smitten with the audio quality. Echoing with pristine bass and timbre, your favourite Christmas tunes will gain a whole new lease of life.

Trobla Wooden Amplifier Speakers from £84.95

9. Lomography Diana Mini & Flash Package

Lomography Diana Mini

When grandma’s conked out on the sherry, a party hat perched on her head, there needs to be an honourable photograph of it, right? Couples adore flicking through a photo album, seeing past Christmases flash by. The Lomography Diana Mini is a classic 35mm camera that can adapt to several lighting conditions, taking instant memories they can cherish together. It comes in a beautifully designed package to give the gift a visual pop.

Lomography Diana Mini & Flash Package from £89.00

8. Podo Wireless Selfie Camera

Smart Phone Handsfree Podo Camera

We’re not done with the snappy purchases quite yet! More than likely, the happy twosome have seen each other from every angle, an ocean of selfies saturating their fridge door. The Podo Wireless Smart Phone Camera is just what’s needed to put that fresh spin on cutesy photographs, sticking to any stable surface. On Christmas morning, they’ll be desperate to get a birds-eye-view of the presents spread around their feet.

Podo Wireless Selfie Camera from £59.95

7. Ultimate Cheese Making Kit

DIY cheese making kit

Sure, love can be full of cheesy moments, yet it’s unlikely that your couple have dived into the craft of dairy making before. This is your chance to get them bumping elbows in the kitchen as they encounter the joys of D.I.Y mozzarella, paneer and halloumi. We’ve got everything required for a tasteful cheese selection all wrapped up in The Big Cheese Making Kit.

Ultimate Cheese Making Kit from £35.95

6. Wagging Tail Dog Clock

labrador dog clock with moving tail

Three doesn’t have to be a crowd. Some lovebirds adore a dog snoring contentedly on the sofa between them. If they cuddle their pooch to pieces, make sure they know when bedtime’s approaching with this kooky Labrador clock by The Labrador Company. The gorgeous stencil design is resistant to scratch marks and dulling in the sun. Even better, the tail wags – and vigorously, at that! – so the novelty factor doesn’t wear off.

Wagging Tail Dog Clock from £42.00

5. Luxury Gift Hamper

Luxury Gift Hamper

Our naughty and nice lists blur into one when Christmas draws near, simply because there are so many gluttonous treats to guilt-trip over. However, couples will throw caution to the wind, as they should, when you give them this Luxury Hamper by Virginia Haywood. Packed carefully in a wicker basket, it’s a great addition to their late-night snuggles: yummy snacks and a hearty dose of red wine will get those loved-up couples in the festive mood.

Luxury Gift Hamper from 57.95

4. Belgian Chocolate Fondue Teapot

Belgian Chocolate Melt In The Middle Teapot by Schokolat

Steaming into our no. 4 position is this deliciously moorish Belgian Chocolate Fondue set by Schokolat. Unlike the famous saying, this creation is anything but useless: 60% cocoa solids make up the clever construction, as the inside of the pot melts gradually for dipping and spooning. Eventually, your lucky partners will devour the outside too, breaking up the walls of the pot as their sweet-smeared lips rise into a grin.

Belgian Chocolate Fondue Teapot from £24.95

3. LSA Red Wine Set

Barware gifts for LSA wine set

Let the dynamic duo raise a toast to the future with a Red Wine Set by established glassblowers LSA. With over 50 years of experience, they’re a premium glass manufacturer, and it really shows in the smooth curves of the decanter and tall-stemmed glasses. On long winter nights, there’s nothing better than a movie and a few sips of the good stuff, which’ll taste even sharper with elegance like this to frame it.

LSA Red Wine Set from £75.00

2. Retro Telephone

GPO vintage telephone in copper

A vintage-minded couple will have a snazzy new addition to their home in the GPO Retro Telephone, which is practical and appealing in equal measure. They can place it on their hallway table, or give kitchen décor a little more heft; wherever the phone looks its best, the old-fashioned, spin-dial design guarantees a centrepiece that they’ll want to call home about.

Retro Telephone from £43.95

1. Uuni Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Portable Pizza Oven

We’re right at the bottom of the sack now, and we have a whopper to present you with. Brace yourself, because it’s a bit of a genuine wonder, becoming a staple of all the future, outdoor get-togethers your ideal couple will host. It seems like mince pies aren’t all Santa has a penchant for – the Uuni Pizza Oven is a fab-tastic portable cooker that bakes dough to perfection in less than two minutes. There’s never a bad time for pizza, and this lightweight, authentic oven turns the two of them into a pair of flipping master chefs. Grab it whilst it’s still hot!

Uuni Wood-Fired Pizza Oven from £199.00

His hat is probably pulled over his ears, and her Yuletide jumper plumped to peak fuzz as they deck the halls ready for the festivities. So share the love with your favourite couple by treating them to unique Christmas gifts made for two.

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