The Big Cuckooland 2015/16 Sale!

1. Retro 746 Telephone in Fresh Blue

french blue vintage phone

Was: £44.95

Now: £32.00

(Save: £12.95)


It’s the most wonderful time of the year …. where you can pick up a huge bargain or two! If Santa didn’t bring you everything on your list, we have some discounted (and belated or birthday??) gifts to put a smile back on your face. Starting with our hugely popular Retro 746 Telephone in French Blue. This piece of iconoclastic vintage nostalgia is a wonderful focal point in any home. Designed to encapsulate a vintage look with all the additions of modern technology, the Retro 746 Telephone in Fresh Blue is the perfect home accessory…. Full Description >

2. Phone Charging Mighty Purse in Gold Shimmer

leather gold simmer mighty purse

Was: £79.95

Now: £39.95

(Save: £40.00)


Shimmer like gold in 2016 with a Phone Charging Mighty Purse in Gold Shimmer. This extra special little treat is made for the handbag of 2016. Not only does it look the biz, this super stylish accessory features an inbuilt phone charger to magically bring your phone back to life when you need it the most. So banish those boring commutes in 2016 with a Mighty Purse in Gold Shimmer at an astonishingly good price!…. Full Description >

3. Seyvr Phone Charging Mens Wallet

Phone Charging Wallet for Android or iPhone

Was: £59.95

Now: £39.95

(Save: £20.00)


If there was a distinct lack of tech in your Christmas stocking this year, then we have just the thing for you! The Seyvr Phone Charging Mens Wallet is just the piece of tech to see you through 2016. Not only will this well-crafted wallet keep your finances in order, it will also provide a blast of battery life to your phone/eReader or tablet. With a nifty little charger hidden away in the Seyvr Phone Charging Mens Wallet you will never be left without your gadgets again…. Full Description >

4. Apple Cider Making Kit

Victors Drinks Cider and Ale Making Kits

Was: £15.95

Now: £12.95

(Save: £3.00)


Let 2016 be the year you embark on a new hobby, and what better hobby is there than enjoying the fruits of your own labour? The Apple Cider Making Kit by Victor’s Drinks will turn you into a master drinks creator with it’s easy to follow instructions. You can make pints of your favourite tipple and share your creation with friends and family…. Full Description >

5. Corkcicle Wine Cooler

Corkcicle in bottle wine chiller

Was: £19.99

Now: £9.99

(Save: £10.00)


Never suffer the tepid taste of a warm chardonnay again with the revolutionary Corkcicle Wine Cooler. This kitchen staple will ensure there’s never a warm drink in the house with its ingenious in-bottle cooling system. Forget refrigerating that favourite bottle of wine for hours on end, the Corkcicle will cool the warmest of wines and create a relaxed, dare we say ‘chilled’ drinking experience for any wine connoisseur. Especially if there’s no fridge nearby; and by nearby we mean leaning distance! At this low, low price you cannot afford to miss this ice-ice baby!…. Full Description >

6. London bus Kids Bunk Bed

london bus bunk bed

Was: £399.00

Now: £329.00

(Save: £70.00)


All aboard the number 8 to the Bond Street mega sales! Our popular London Bus Kids Bunk Bed just got an extra special price and one you cannot afford to miss! Not only is the London Bus Bunk Bed a huge amount of fun to sleep and play in, but it’s at a price that will have you speeding to the checkout. Featuring a bright, iconic design and beautiful, authentic detailing, the London Bus Bunk Bed has proved a popular choice with kids up and down the country. What’s more, you could save a further £10 when you purchase this bed with two premier or platinum mattresses…. Full Description >

7. Orla Kiely Set of 3 Herb Plant Pots

Orla Kiely Garden Accessories

Was: £45.00

Now: £33.95

(Save: £11.05)


If your new years resolution is to eat better, then we have a little treat for you. The Orla Kiely Set of 3 Herb Plant Pots is the perfect addition to any healthy kitchen. Featuring the instantly recognisable Orla Kiely designs and colour palette of orange, olive and grey, these plant pots will brighten up any kitchen. Add a tasty sprinkle of goodness to every meal with the Orla Kiely Set of 3 Herb Plant Pots…. Full Description >

8. Snuzpod 3 in 1 Bedside Crib

SnuzPod Three in One Crib

Was: £199.95

Now: £179.95

(Save: £20.00)


If the new year is going to bring a very special bundle of joy into your life, then this will be the bargain of 2016. The Snuzpod 3 in 1 Bedside Crib is an award-winning crib that can both affix to your bed and be used as a stand-alone crib. It’s easy to see why the Snuzpod was voted the number 1 Moses Basket, Crib or Cot for 2015 by Mother & Baby for its revolutionary design. Created to emulate co-sleeping in a safe and sound way, the Snuzpod will win your heart and provide peace of mind in 2016…. Full Description >

9. Moses Basket With Rocking Stand

clair de lune moses basket

Was: £149.00

Now: £74.95

(Save: £74.05)


Staying with the baby prep, we have the adorably cute Moses Basket With Rocking Stand with an incredible 50% off! That’s right, mummies and daddies to be, preparing for your newest family addition just got a little bit cheaper and a lot more fun! The stunning White Waffle Moses Basket and Drape set from Clair de Lune really does create a focal point in any room and can be moved easily. Get it before it’s gone!…. Full Description >

10. Kids Teepee Bed

Designer kids bed by Woood

Was: £399.00

Now: £299.25 (with promo code: WOOOD25)

(Save: £99.75)


Our final item in the Cuckooland sale is a big one for all those good girls and boys out there. The Kids Teepee Bed by Woood has an incredible 25% off with promo code WOOOD25. In fact, you can get a whopping 25% off all Woood furniture with this code. You just don’t get better than that…. Full Description >

The Cuckooland sale is now on and features many of our most popular products. Take a look at our basket busting sale right here and bag yourself the bargain of the century with Cuckooland.

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