The Cuckooland Big Bedroom Makeover for Kids!

Christmas has come and gone, leaving jingle bells ringing nostalgically in our ears and new possessions towering in piles around the house. After all the fun, games and music, your family may be buckling under all the stuff your kids received because, let’s face it – little cherubs aren’t the best at keeping their rooms all prim and tidy!

To avoid torrents of toy trucks, cascades of crayons, and a deluge of furry delights from clogging up your son or daughter’s bedroom check out Cuckooland’s newest storage ideas for a clean sweep in 2017:


Scandi-Style 4you 4 Poster Bed from £349.00

Sleep on it

Thanks to ingenious beds designers, parents can now rest easy when looking for kids beds that double up as clever storage. From high sleepers to cabin beds – Cuckooland has you covered in the space saving, storage savvy department. Take for example the wonderfully designed Spot Highsleeper storage bed. This castle in the sky is an all-in-one storage bed that could fit an entire bedroom underneath its glorious heights.

Spot Highsleeper by Vox

Spot Highsleeper by Vox from £1,395.00

For parents who have double the trouble aka two kiddies sharing a room, space can become even more crucial. Thankfully we have a bevvy of wonderful bunk beds to solve those storage grumbles. Like the Kids Flick Bunk Bed by Flair Funiture. This beautiful bunk bed features a wealth of storage from shelving on both the top and bottom bunk to a secret drawer hidden out of sight, under the bed.

Flair Furniture Bunkbed

Kids Flick Bunk Bed from £319.95

Making toy storage child’s play

So how do you tackle the ebb and flow of your darling’s favourite toys? When cars, dolls and action figures get in the way, they can trip up anyone in a flash, so it’s super important to house them properly in fun but sensible kids storage units.

Traditional minds might swerve to the Children’s Toy Box by Churchfield – weighing in at just under 14kg, it can be emblazoned with a kaleidoscope of patterns, including songbirds and country flowers. Meanwhile, wee fingers can’t get pinched under the lid, thanks to a cut-away groove in its design. Use this chest to swallow fire trucks and plastic horsies that have been cast aside during play time!

Churchfield Children's Toy Box

Churchfield Children’s Toy Box from £109.00

On the other hand, your munchkin might be fond of dashing from their room to a play area at the other end of the house or taking Lego bricks with them to a sleepover. Consider our Wildfire Kids Toy Storage Bag for such a spritely play schedule: it features a lovely, modern, black-and-white striped look, an impossibly chic flavour to lay against your young one’s wall.

Wildfire Kids Toy Storage Bag

Wildfire Kids Toy Storage Bag from £55.00


A library of invention

Christmas may have landed a bunch of new stories in your little one’s lap, crying out for the right display. So if your child is a budding reader, eager to drift through the lands of a printed page, give them storage worthy of their intellect. Bookworms will love seeing their collection held up, spine to spine, where they can pull their favourite story out on a whim.

Chief amongst your solutions is the Kids Tess Tree Bookcase, an astonishing furniture piece that boasts a rainbow palette of 20 potential colours. Quirky, chunky letters are stuck here and there on the shelving, which itself is tipped madly in several directions, reminding your kiddie wink that books are far from a stuffy obsession.

kids tess bookcase by mathy by bols

Tess Tree Bookcase from £1,245.00

For younger children whose arms don’t quite reach those juicier reads, choose a low-standing canvas shelf in the fizz of primary reds, blues and yellows. The Sling Bookshelf by Kid Kraft has soft fabric pockets to ensure that story-time has a soft, regimented place to slip back into. Plus, the design of the frame leaves book covers in full view, which tots will recognise more than a whisper-thin spine.

Sling Bookshelf

Sling Bookshelf from £62.95

Dressed to impress

As well as the avalanche of games and playthings that Santa has deposited, there’s probably a whole trove of hats, t-shirts and shoes to find a home for. In this vein, we’re big fans of the Amsterdam Stair Gable Wardrobe, a marvellous piece that mimics the architectural trends of its namesake. Set like a jutting Dutch abode, it’s a fabulous visual statement for rooms with an arty edge. The pastel colouring is relaxing to gaze at; surely a great effect for teaching kids that their wardrobe, and their belongings, should be treated with respect.

This is Dutch Amsterdam wardrobe

Amsterdam Stair Gable Wardrobe from £995.00

For something a little simpler, shift towards the Nikki Wardrobe by De Eekhoorn. Getting back to basics with a white, wood-based frame, there’s a handy storage drawer for your baba’s little extras, which lies beneath an ample hanging rail. We can see this design following a child through to teenage life – indeed, gender-neutral models are a solid investment, as they let your son or daughter’s tastes take their own shape as the years go by.

De Eekhoorn Nikki design wardrobe

Nikki Kids Wardrobe from £395.00

Sliding the drawers closed on your décor

Plenty of options so far to do the brood proud where their tidying routine is concerned. Well, we’ve got a last round of storage solutions to detail: the stuff that’s going to hang at the rim of a child’s bedroom, a hand’s breadth away; the unsung, decluttering heroes of modern furnishing.

Have a gander, for instance, at the Spot Chest Of Drawers by Vox, fused to a pair of stilts that resemble a playground swing. The plain white colour scheme leaves plenty of scope for your child to get creative with Blu-Tacked paintings and feathery adornments paraded on the sides. The top rail is perfect for hanging whatever pushes your child’s buttons, turning storage into a viable display item.

Vox drawers in white

Spot Chest of Two Drawers from £295.00

But what about bedside cabinets, the haven for phones, iPads and those awesome bits of homework worth keeping? Let us introduce you to the Dennis Kids Bedside Table, available in steel or concrete grey. This is a subset of the De Eekhoorn range, meaning your precious one benefits from the wonders of Northern European design. It’s incredibly light, yet gives no quarter to knocks or bumps; furthermore, the open shelf is pretty large, waiting for a pair of speakers that’ll help your child drift off at night.

De Eekhoorn Dennis design drawers

Dennis Kids Bedside Drawers from £85.00

And last but not least, the humble storage bench. These trusty units can house teddies, blankets and those miscellaneous treasures while doubling up as a seat when friends come over. We love the Kids Luxury Storage Bench, brought to us by Oliver Furniture. Ideal for teens with an eye for design, this clever storage saviour really maximises the space in the kids’ bedroom, no matter the dimensions!

Oliver Furniture Storage Bench

Kids Luxury Storage Bench from £349.00

How’s that for a real makeover? Until next Christmas hits us, take heart in the fact that your girl, boy or gaggle of siblings can enjoy a smart, presentable room, imparting values they’ll carry with them forever. If you do have any questions about Cuckooland storage solutions, or kids’ furniture in general, then call our team on +44 (0) 1305 231231; we’re always around for a natter…

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