The Essential New Years Eve Party Checklist

The Essential New Year’s Eve Party Checklist goes something like this: Tick one (in the box) for surrounding yourself with close family and friends; second tick for appropriate venue – home, hall or marque in field, it doesn’t matter just so long as the venue is sufficiently bejellewed with banners, balloons, streamers, glitter and all that cheap & cheerful party stuff we love to hate. And forget ‘less is more’; its New Years Eve, the more the merrier! Tick three for impressive fireworks (not the seeking missile type that sets the cat alight or fireballs through the neighbours window – if so, enter venue three – the ‘marque in field’) and of course this must be partnered with incredibly loud 80’s and 90’s music (and some current stuff too); forth tick for casting aside all current problems, letting one’s hair down and seeing in the New Year with a bang. After all, this will be the party to end all parties. 5th tick…? Make sure you have the right goodies to deliver on the previous 4 ticks!

Enter first recruit: the Silver Plated Champagne Bath by Culinary Concepts… 


gifts for him - champagne bath



This beautifully made champagne-lovers dream will accommodate six bottles of your finest bubbly. Let the good times and champers flow with a Champagne bath to get that New Year’s Eve Party off to a flying start… Full Description >


Corkcicle in bottle wine chiller



Be cooler than ice this New Year’s Eve with the revolutionary Corkcicle Wine Cooler. The world’s first ‘in-bottle’ wine cooler with certainly make for an interesting topic of conversation at any party.  To activate this awesome party addition simply freeze the Corkcicle then slot into your preferred bottle of wine for a chilled glass of the good stuff … Full Description >

3. APPLE Cider Making Kit

Victors Drinks Cider and Ale Making Kits



Wow guests at the party to end all parties by creating your very own cider! With Victor’s drinks Apple Cider Making Kit, you can create pints of perfectly pressed apple cider for all of your guests. The Apple Cider Making Kit is easy peasy to use, simply add water and allow the delicious sweet cider to brew. You will be the toast of the town with your very own homemade cider (we also have Mixed Berry and Pear too!!) this New Year’s Eve … Full Description >

4. NEW YEARS SHOTS Himalayan Salt Shots

Himalayan Salt Shots



These awesome Himalayan Salt Shot glasses are carved from natural pink rock salt mined from the Himalayas. Being made from 100% solid salt they are food safe and add a subtle salty flavour to your shot to take the edge off the mouth-burning spirit.…  Full Description >


vodka glasses



When it comes to favourite tipple, not everyone is a wine or champagne person. So for those who love nothing more than a bit of Russia’s most famous export, we have an equally cool LSA Paddle Vodka Serving Set. This superb designer set of opulent glass wear features twelve coloured vodka glasses that fit neatly inside the grooves of the natural oak paddle board … Full Description >


 premium champagne flute set



Add a bit of colour to your New Year’s Eve party with the funky and altogether unique LSA Polka Champagne Flutes. This premium champagne flute set features soft tones and a semi-transparent finish. Each mouth blown glass has a unique style which will look stunning at any soiree or social gathering … Full Description >


mouth blown Beer Tankard



Forget raising a glass to the New Year, if you want to toast 2016 then raise up a hefty tankard. Our unique, mouth-blown Beer Tankard is the perfect addition for those pub-going folk who prefer their own glass to a borrowed one … Full Description >

8. SHOT CUPS in Silver Shot Cartridge Design

Silver Plated Shot Cartridge



When you really want to ramp up the party ante, we have just the thing. The Silver Cartridge Shot Cups are the perfect addition to any drinking game! The Silver Plated Shot Cartridge make a great little gift for anyone who loves a spot of hunting or just a self inflicted shot or two. Be top dog this New Years Eve with the greatest shot cups around Full Description >

9. CARTRIDGE BOTTLE STOPPER by Culinary Concepts

Cartridge Bottle Stopper by Culinary Concepts



Although no one ever predicts a half empty bottle of wine at a party, it can happen. So keep that nectar fresher for longer with the Cartridge Bottle Stopper. Created from luxurious silver plating, the Cartridge Bottle stopper is a sophisticated accessory which maintains the lifespan of wine. So enjoy hair-of-the-dog with your New Year’s day lunch thanks to the Cartridge Bottle Stopper… Full Description >

10. ENOUGH POWER TO PARTY Phone Charging Clutch

Mighty Purse



Large enough to hold your lippie, keys and phone, this clever clutch will keep your phone charged all night long! So there’ll be no limit to the number of drunken texts, incoherent snapchats and late night celebratory calls you can make!… Full Description >

11. SILVER PLATED WATER PITCHER by Culinary Concepts

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 12.02.55



If you know a thing or two about mixology and want to create a pitcher full of your favourite cocktail this New Year’s Eve, we have just the thing for you. The Silver Plated Water Pitcher is a stunning drinks holder which was made for serving a cocktail or four. This beautifully presented pitcher can hold an incredible 1.4 litres of your favourite drinks… Full Description >

12. LUXURY WINE COOLER With Leather Handle and Champagne Hammered Finish

 Wine Cooler with Champagne Hammered Finish



Ok, so maybe not all New Year’s Eve parties are the crash boom bang type, if yours is the more intimate dinner party than all out party fest, we recommend the Luxury Wine Cooler with Leather Handle. Your drinks will remain perfectly chilled as you laugh and talk the night away around an elegant dinner table. The delicate hammered design will sparkle by candlelight and give a real focal point to your party … Full Description >

13. CHARGE ON THE GO Seyvr Phone Charging Wallet

Phone Charging Wallet for Android or iPhone



Swerve a flat phone with the Seyvr Wallet with built-in phone charger. Made of cowhide leather, this clever wallet comes with a built-in rechargeable battery that can power most smartphones. Four card slots and a section for notes and receipts … Full Description >

14. SELFIE LOVERS PODO Stick & Shoot Camera

Smart Phone Handsfree Podo Camera



For selfies without the stick! It’s time to meet Podo. This wireless, re-stickable camera turns any surface into a portable photo booth – a great gadget for selfie lovers and insta queens. Just stick, shoot, & share!… Full Description >


Root 7 Whiskey wedge



For those who prefer a quiet night with a roaring fire and well-aged whiskey, we have the decadent Whiskey Wedge Drinks Tumbler. The Whiskey Wedge melts much slower than normal ice cubes helping retain the flavour and body of spirits for a much better beverage. This innovative little gadget needs to be in every whiskey connoisseur’s cabinet… Full Description >

When it comes to celebrating those pivotal moments of the year, Cuckooland knows how to do it best. We are on hand to help create lasting memories of fun, laughter and joy which will last a lifetime. As a luxury lifestyle emporium, we celebrate all thinks quirky, unique and individual. So when it comes to New Year’s Eve, we will put the pop into any party with our party essentials.

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