The Mother of all Mother’s Day Top 10 Gift Lists

A hand stroking our brow; warm milk on a chilly night; tucking us into bed… Memories of our mothers stretch as far back as we can remember. They’ve always been special, they’re the wise planet that orbits our star and makes sure it’s still emitting all the light it can. So when Mother’s Day approaches, there’s absolutely no second-guessing our wish to reward her.

Mums aren’t a fussy bunch, by and large, but we’ve compiled a Top 10 list of Cuckooland gifts we think will knock her socks off… starting with an old classic:

10. Retro Telephone 746 in Brushed Copper

GPO vintage telephone in copper

We’re dialling straight to style heaven with this beautiful retro phone, made for the living room, kitchen or hallway. Retro class is hard to come by these days, but we’re certain that her décor will go off the hook with a shimmering, hefty vintage piece straight out of a 1960s catalogue. The dial ring has buttons for convenience, while the rest of the telephone is a monument to pure, ultra-swish Britishness courtesy of Wild & Wolf.

Retro Telephone 746 in Brushed Copper from £44.95

9. Orla Kiely Bird House

Orla Kiely Garden Accessories Bird House

Mums appreciate the simpler smaller things in life… especially all creatures great and small! If your favourite lady loves mother nature, help make her garden the most coveted of all. The Orla Kiely Bird House is a chirpy gift for an avid aviphile. Dressed in the brand’s distinctive floral print, it has an adorable, leaf-green roof that’ll sit nicely amidst her petunias and chrysanthemums.

Orla Kiely Bird House from £22.80

8. Tea & Bubbles Luxury Gift Hamper

Tea & Bubbles Luxury Hamper

For a touch of indulgence, look no further than this hamper set by Virginia Hayward, which brings afternoon tea straight to those four familiar walls of the home. She can have a hearty nibble on macarons and shortbread, wiping the crumbs from her smile as you drop a traditional English tea bag into the pot. And when the light dims, there’s a bottle of prosecco to share together: make a toast to her brilliance, and the possibility that dad will stop falling asleep in his armchair…

Tea & Bubbles Luxury Gift Hamper from £44.00

6. Tresco Liberty Cosmetic Bag

Tresco Liberty Cosmetic Bag
If your mum is the glamorous type, give her a makeup bag that’s a cut above the norm. Why have a woman’s artistic palette limited to what’s inside the carrier, as opposed to letting the whole item pop in its own right? With a vibrant petal and leaf print, her lipsticks, powders and paints have a reliable base for travel. This Alice Caroline cosmetic bag discloses a luscious pink lining that ups the bag’s appeal, which honestly couldn’t get more colourful if it fell onto the board of a street painter.

Tresco Liberty Cosmetic Bag from £18.95

5. Kaffe Fassett Essential Achillea Kit

Kaffe Fassett Essential Kit

Take the pamper session one step further by bringing the spa to her doorstep with a self-pampering kit by Heathcote & Ivory. Arriving in a tin box, there’s lip balm, hand cream and a roll-on fragrance to unpack. They’re all-natural too – snippets of marigold, cocoa butter, beeswax and rosehip oil are spread between them, giving her skin and scent an extra kick for the rest of the year.

Kaffe Fassett Essential Achillea Kit from £25.00

4. Citrus Zinger Water Bottle Gift Pack

Citrus Zinger Water Bottle

When she’s knocking back the H2O – at the gym, maybe, or walking the dog – then the Citrus Zinger Gift Pack by Root 7 is her new flavour of awesome! Mums are able to turn the most prosaic stuff into something we couldn’t live without; like a secret recipe, you can grant her a twist of cucumber, kiwi or lemon/lime in her water bottle. Just fix the cap in place, scrunch the relevant fruit or veg on top, and watch her eyes light up!

 Citrus Zinger Water Bottle Gift Pack from £20.00

3. Corkcicle Canteen Triple Insulated Vacuum Flask in Turquoise

Canteen Triple Insulated Vacuum Flask

Number four can’t turn water into wine, but we can ensure the vino is perfectly chilled when mum does enjoy a tipple! The Corkcicle Canteen cooler can chill wine, juice and whatever else tickles her fancy on a trip away. Keen campers will love it, especially if it gives Dad another reason to join her on a picnic.

Corkcicle Canteen Triple Insulated Vacuum Flask in Turquoise from £17.99

2. Personalised Ferrero Rocher Sweet Tree

Sweet Tree In Ferrero Rocher
What’s nutty on the outside, and sweet in the middle? That’s right – mum! Represent her personality in the best way possible with a Sweet Tree of Ferrero Rocher chocolates. We can draw her name on the base, so it becomes a memento long after the last treat has been plucked from the canopy. If you’re lucky, she might throw one towards you, hoping for a catch in your teeth…

Personalised Ferrero Rocher Sweet Tree from £24.95

1. Lomography Diana F+ Mr Pink Camera

Lomography Diana F+ Mr. Pink Camera

So, what’s reached our top spot? You mightn’t be surprised that it’s a gift for your memories, those scenes of laughter and silliness that’s defined your relationship already, of which there are plenty more to come…

Yep, feast your nostalgia loving eyes on the Diana F+ Camera by Lomography. It snaps your mother-child bond in various lights, whether it’s cloudy, night-time or awash in golden sun. Fussing around with digital tools gets old, sometimes; with this colourful instant camera, there’s no easier way for sharing and caring about your greatest hits as a pair! She’ll be saying “Cheese and thank you” in a flash.

Lomography Diana F+ Mr Pink Camera from £89.00

Mother’s Day isn’t the only day of the year to show your appreciation, but it’s certainly a good excuse to spoil your mum rotten! These Cuckooland curios are bound to show her how much you care, without having to say anything at all. Call our super friendly team on +44 (0) 1305 231231 for a bunch of other mothers day gift suggestions; we know a thing or two about mums… because most of us are mums!





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