The Wonderful World Of Kids Cabin Beds

benefits of cabin beds for kids infographic

Getting your little ones off to slumberland can feel a bit like a battle of wills. That is, until you discover the pulling power of a certain fabulous bed. Bedtime tussles become child’s play when you introduce the coolest and most practical of all unique children’s beds into the mix – the Cabin Bed. Cabin beds incorporate intrigue and creative fun which kids just love! From playful attachments, to super slick slides and even a secret hideaway; you can’t go wrong with a cabin bed. Read on for more reasons when cabin beds are a super popular choice for kids…

  1. Thanks to all the extra storage, there’s no such thing as too many toys when you’ve got a cabin bed.
  2. Looking for a unique kids bed like no other? Then a cabin bed is right up your street. Cabins come in a range of quirky styles and concepts so you can build your own totally original design.   
  3. Assembly is child’s play when it comes to cabin beds. The easy to follow instructions means that there’s no need to call a team of handymen (although Cuckooland do have assembly options if you prefer this is taken care of).
  4. Cabin beds are perfect for any size room, especially smaller rooms where space is an issue. These cleverly designed beds often feature space beneath or built in wardrobes and drawers for extra storage.
  5. Kids can sleep amongst the stars with a cabin bed. A raised bed is off the ground and this means that all fictional ‘scary monsters’ are out of reach and this equals a better night’s sleep.
  6. Cabin beds are designed to be slept in and explored. This is why kids love these mini adventure playgrounds/beds.
  7. Nevermind difficult to keep clean beds, cabin beds offer parents the peace of mind of easy-peasy elevated cleaning.
  8. Cabin beds are robust and built to last and are safe for even the most rambunctious of champion bed bouncers. And equally safe and secure for sleepy night owls.
  9. Cabin beds are the chameleons of the bed world. Easily converted into single beds, your kiddywink can keep their cabin bed well into the teen years.
  10. The cabin bed is the perfect sleep-over bed if you’re wanting the kids and their friends out of the ‘grown up’ spaces and playing safely in their bedrooms.

Cuckooland is the original home of unique kids beds. Our entire range of children’s bedroom furniture features fun and creative designs that appeal to big kids and little kids alike. View this spectacular collection of kids bedroom additions right here.

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