This Season’s Hottest Accessory – The Mighty Purse

Every superwoman relies on her trusty sidekick when tackling the challenges of life on the go – her handbag or purse. From shopping sprees to saving the day when someone needs a tissue, bags are the unsung heroes in the world of accessories.

We may be able to fit our smartphones, tablets, e-readers and of course the kitchen sink into our bags, but what about when your technology needs recharging? After all, a busy woman has more pressing priorities to attend to than sitting by a power source.

Everyone’s favourite fashionista, Zebarella, has spent days pondering over this particular problem and after searching the world of accessories came across the perfect solution. Let’s just say that the humble handbag has had a revamp for the summer. Say goodbye to the days of drained batteries by investing in a bag that fits around your digital lifestyle – the Mighty Purse is here to solve your technology woes this summer.

Handbag Butler with portable charger

Introducing the Mighty Purse

The Mighty Purse was created by a woman who, like many of us, wanted to break free from the shackles of limited battery life. ‘Surely, there’s more to life than sitting by an electric socket, waiting for your phone to charge,’ she thought. And with that, former model and makeup artist Ana Slavka embarked on a journey to change the face of accessories forever.

Not only did she create a range of purses, bag tags, make-up bags, and phone charging wallets that allow you to charge your mobile device on the go. She also selected a kaleidoscope of colours and styles to suit your every outfit. After all, a woman needs to be able to coordinate, right?

We know that the age-old problem of battery life isn’t restricted to the fairer sex, but never fear for the Mighty Purse has plenty of male-friendly options too. So without further ado, let me reveal this ravishing range of accessories:

Mighty Purse by Handbag Butler

Power to the Purse

Be prepared without carrying a bulky plug when painting the town red with friends or heading on a date. The original Mighty Purse is a clever and compact solution for days when you need a little backup for your devices. Instead of cutting that catch up with your closest friend short, plug your phone into your purse to keep your battery topped up on the move.

We know that portable chargers are nothing new, but Cuckooland has tried and tested the good, the bad and the ugly to find one that gives our tech-loving customers the best performance. We love the Mighty Purse because its powerful 4000mAh battery delivers two full charges for a smartphone – ideal for party animals and workaholics who don’t want their technology to compromise their lifestyle. The LED battery indicator on the inside will give you plenty of notice when you need to recharge your purse, and to do so you simply connect the USB port to a plug or your laptop.

The original Mighty Purse is big enough to tuck your smartphone discreetly inside, making it the perfect alternative to a clutch. However, you can also use it to boost the battery on your tablet or e-reader, so that you don’t get left on that dreaded cliff hanger when enjoying a good read on the go. Made from the hide of the finest cows from Weepawoo valley, with 11 gorgeous colours to choose from, it’s a magical purse for power-hungry women.

zebra print purse with USB charger

Bag Tags Bursting with Energy

Bag tags are beautiful in their own right and are an essential component of the modern day handbag. Leave other women in awe as your stylish accessory reveals the handy USB charger hidden within. Capable of an impressive 1.5 full charges, these colourful bag power tags have a built-in battery and charging extension cable. So you can keep your smartphone, tablet or e-reader charging in your handbag as you go about your daily business.

Choose the colour that matches your bag; whether you’re a fan of bold, bright patterns or you’re a big fan of black, Mighty Purse makes accessorising easy with their beautiful range of leather tags to complement any look.

Bag Tag with built in phone charger

Magical Make-Up Bags

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we all know that our make up bags contain the secret ingredients to a show-stopping look. If you’re a woman who won’t be parted from her make up bag, the Mighty Purse has the perfect solution for your technology needs.

Simply shuffle around that mascara and foundation to make space for your smartphone, and you won’t need to be laden down with any more bags on that night out with the girls. Again, this accessory will bless your battery with 1.5 full charges before it needs to be plugged in itself, and the LED indicator will give you a heads up when that moment is approaching.

From the softest pony hair sourced from my very own stables to marvellous metallic leather, the Mighty Purse make-up bag collection has more options than you have outfits. With one of these cosmetic charger bags, your make up will really work wonders.

Make up bag with build in phone charger

So there you have it, the season’s hottest accessory that is putting every other purse, makeup bag and wallet on the market to shame. Complete your outfit with a Mighty Purse this summer, for a bag that just keeps on giving.


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