The Thrill of the Lotus Grill

Smokeless, cool to the touch and available in a bright range of fun colours, the smokeless Lotus Grill Barbecue will change the way you barbecue this summer. German-designed and engineered, the grill uses 90% less charcoal to cook the perfect meal. It’s incredibly fast too, ready to cook food 3-4 minutes from lighting. With a built-in battery-operated fan, there’ll be no nasty fumes or smoke and the grill’s exterior will stay cool, making it safe for use around children. Best of all, the Lotus Grill is dishwasher safe – meaning no messy clean up after dinner!

Lotus grill in green

The BBQ Evolution

Undoubtedly the most amazing feature of the Lotus Grill is its speed! It will be ready to cook food 3-4 minutes from lighting. This is achieved by the patented  ‘bellows’ system; an adjustable fan blows air directly onto the charcoal to create rapid high heat, and the desired cooking temperature much faster. Even in the absence of smoke, you still get that delicious bbq flavour, as natural hardwood charcoal emit these flavours through invisible safe gases. The only difference being you don’t ingest carcinogens and other harmful chemicals present in traditional BBQ smoke.

Cooking with the Lotus Grill

The Lotus Grill provides a healthy, low fat & calorie‐conscious method of cooking. Excess fat and oil drips into the removable catching tray and not back into your food. And there is no need to add oil, as the grill reduces food sticking to it.

The Lotus Grill has been designed with safety in mind. It’s portable, weighing only 4kg and does not require electricity or gas. The temperature is controlled by adjusting the inbuilt fan and the double walled construction ensures the outer frame and base never gets hot. This makes it a smart choice for the outdoors this summer!

cooking on the lotus grill

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Lotus grill cooking pizza

And for all locations…

At home, on the beach, boat or camping, Lotus Grill provides the perfect summer BBQ without the fuss. The optional pizza stone and grill hood allows the Lotus Grill to be used as a pizza oven too!

After cooking you can be packed up in minutes with the simple dismantle and coal extinguish process. And with the included travel bag, you can pack everything you need to save time and hassle.

Lotus Grill is available from Cuckooland in two sizes; Standard (£129), Large (£199) & 6 bright colours; Green, Orange, Red, Yellow, Plum and Black.


Speed – Lotus Grill is ready to cook food 3-4 minutes from lighting.

Safe – Designed with a double outer wall, the outside of the grill never gets hot, making it portable even whilst in use.

Healthy – The metal plate above the charcoal chamber ensures fat and oil drip into the removable catching tray and not back onto the coals, generating unhealthy smoke.

Portable – Only weighs 4kg and supplied with a carry-bag, you can take it anywhere!

Easy to Clean – The charcoal is contained making emptying of burnt ashes simple and quick. The stainless-steel grill and bowl can go straight into the dishwasher!

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