Throw The Perfect Summer Party With Cuckooland

Summer is now in full swing, which means that social calendar is chocked full of parties, soirées, and weddings. So if you want to get in on the action we have the greatest guide to throwing the perfect outdoor party. Take advantage of the long daylight, warmer evenings and magical nights of summer with your very own outdoor party. For the Summer Solace Party to end all others you are going to need a few things; music, good food, good friends, a place to sit and a place to dance! Thankfully, we have you covered.

In true Cuckooland style we’re not about to guide you through any old party. A Cuckooland party is one of truly epic proportions which will be talked about for years to come as the best garden party that ever happened. So get your mega mix of tunes on the go, for we have the guide to throwing the perfect patio party and it goes a little something like this….

Music Be Food Of Love

If music is the food of love then there will be some good eating tonight! Wow your guests with a retro record player that has all the modern technology needed to listen to the ultimate summer party playlist. The Red GPO Memphis record player features a LP turntable and CD, MP3, USB and SD Player. This means that no matter how your music is stored, you’ll always be able to listen to those summer classics.

Cuckooland Party Theme Idea: Invite your guests to bring their old records/vinyls for a Vinyl Revival Party of note!

record, MP3, CD, SD Player in red


A Rug For Party Bugs

For some the summer party is all about the stylish gathering of friends, a few drinks, good conversation and plenty of fresh air. For those who prefer a sophisticated gathering to a crazy party, an outdoor rug is just what you need. A chic outdoor rug can be placed on a patio, lawn or decked area to give your outdoor space a cool party-ready makeover. What’s more these durable outdoor rugs can take a hell of a lot of footfall and partying before they’re ready to quit- if ever they do.

outdoor rugs by fab habitat


Feed The Party People

Food is very important when it comes to hosting the greatest summer party of all time. For true summer party success take advantage of alfresco dining and put on an epic BBQ. Break out the Lotus Grill and turn that informal gathering into a dining delight for guests. Available in a stunning range of bright and bold colours the Lotus Grill can be ready to go in a little as four minutes meaning hungry guests wont stay hungry for long! And they wont get smoked out too (and side note- your clothes won’t reek of smoke and charred meat).

Portable Grill by LotusThe Gorgeous Gathering

Seating is always important at a party, so why not go all out and invest in some seriously superb seating! The Alexander Rose Ocean Lantern Rattan Daybed is a taste of pure luxury in the middle of a party. Guaranteed to impress friends this Rattan Daybed features a sleek and modern design and makes for a more intimate feeling whilst not being enclosed.

Rattan garden furniture seating

Party Playhouse For The Kids

If you intend to host a party that’s fun for all the family then we recommend getting a little something to keep the kids entertained and what could be more fun than their very own party playhouse? We have a whole range of kiddie playhouses available like the Mercia Kids Wooden Playhouse with Dormer Window. This incredibly fun little house features two levels, with lots of room to explore. Your mini party animals will have their own spot and a real blast in this playhouse.

Two story kids wooden playhouse

Take A Seat Stargazer

When the party has turned from all out dance fest to the relaxing chilled atmosphere of an Ibiza sunrise, give your guests the comfort they require. The ultra soft and comfy Mighty B Bean Bag is the perfect garden accessory when hosting the chill out hour of any garden soiree. You can sit back and relax at the end of a party and watch the stars shine upon the greatest party of the year.

Pink Outdoor Bean BagGoing All Out

If you’re looking to host the party to end all parties, why not add something truly spectacular, like a hot tub?? You’re sure to have those party people going wild over your party with a Wooden Dutchtub. This wood fired eco-friendly outdoor hot tub will really kick things up notch at your party. Just remember to tell guests to bring that all-important swimming gear!

eco friendly wooden hot tub


So there we have it, our quick guide to throwing a perfect summer party with some fantastically quirky additions to keep that party pumping. Whether you’re hosting a sophisticated soiree, family gathering or social stakeout, Cuckooland has everything you need to create the perfect outdoor party.

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