Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas For Couples


labrador dog clock with moving tail


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When it comes to finding that perfect present for a couple, trying to please two hearts with one gift can seem impossible. But not when you’ve come to the original home of the cool and quirky gift. Cuckooland not only know everything there is to know about awesome gift giving, we are trusted advisers to Santa and his team of elves when winter hits. So get those tails wagging with delight with this Wagging Tail Labrador Dog Clock. This adorable wall mounted clock is the perfect addition for couples who think all dogs are grrrreat and they’re sure to bark with delight when this stylish and unique Labrador Dog Clock chimes at the door … Full Description >


GPO record player


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For a couple of cool cats, we have the smoothest, coolest Christmas Gift of them all, the Attache Record Player in Blue. Reserved for those music-loving couples who are forever discussing classic tunes, the perfect dinner party playlist and all time favourite jazz stars. The Attache Record Player is a stunning piece of audio equipment which brings an element of retro coolness to an already cool couple. You will surely go down in the gift giving hall of fame with this eccentric Christmas gift… Full Description >

3. WEATHERVANE in Wine Bottle Design

wind vane is wine design


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We all know that one couple who can tell a Merlot from a Shiraz from a simple whiff of a glass. For the wine connoisseur, there’s nothing better than educating others on the fruity bouquets, base notes and woody elements of their favourite tipple. So when it comes to Christmas, avoid the cliche gift for wine lovers with a quirky Wine Weathervane. This majestic statement piece will sit gloriously on top of any wine lovers home letting all and sundry know just how much they love the fine art of wine making… and drinking!… Full Description >

4. RETRO TELEPHONE 746 in French Blue

french blue vintage phone


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Say Hello! to Christmas with a stunning French Blue Retro Phone by Wild & Wolf. This is that one gift that you will secretly covet for yourself. Don’t worry, we won’t judge, just add that extra one to your basket at the checkout. After all, Christmas is about treating one and all, including yourself! For the couple that has a very unique and retro style, this really is a great little gift. The French Blue Retro Phone has all the vintage feel of a classic, with the additional benefit of modern technology… Full Description >


gifts for him - champagne bath


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For the couple who just love to host a dinner party or two, the Champagne Bath is a great gift idea this Christmas. Chic, sleek and utterly divine, this silver plated lovely will chill the champers, beer or white wine to perfection. As one of our most popular wedding gifts, we know that couples go absolutely crazy for this gorgeous home addition… Full Description >

6. ULTIMATE Big Cheese Making Kit

DIY cheese making kit



For those culinary kings and queens, we have the icing on the cake when it comes to Christmas Gifts. The Ultimate Cheese Making Kit is designed for those who just love to create their own masterpieces in the kitchen. With eight different types of cheese including Ricotta, Mozzarella, Halloumi, Goat’s Cheese, Scottish Crowdie, Queso Blanco, Labneh and Paneer, your master bakers will be happy as Larry. Best of all, as the ultimate gift giver you will be no doubt be invited to sample the first batch of homemade cheese… Full Description >


Corkcicle Wine Cooler



Christmas and wine go together like Cuckooland and awesome gifts. So this Christmas give that very special couple the gift of super chilled tipple. With the Corkcicle you’ll never need drippy ice buckets again. Simply freeze your Corkcicle in a freezer, slot in the top of your wine bottle and enjoy chilled wine for longer. The Corkcicle is the World’s first in-bottle wine chilling cork and one of our post popular barware gifts. Those who love a cool glass of wine will certainly be merry with delight this Christmas with a Corkcicle….Full Description >

8. FLOCK OF SHEEP Animal draught Excluder By Dora Designs

animal shape draught excluder



Give the gift of a warmer home this Christmas with a Dora Designs Sheep Draught Excluder. This Baaaaa-rilliant Christmas gift idea will guard any home against pesky draughts. The cute flock of sheep design is the perfect gift for a couple of animal lovers. The wonderful woollies require little maintenance and won’t need to munch on green grass to keep them hard at work. Simply place your faithful flock in front of any draughty door and they will get to work keeping you warm and snuggly all winter long….Full Description >


Belgian chocolate teapot



The saying goes that when something is utterly useless it’s as useless as a chocolate teapot. Well, we respectfully disagree with that sentiment. For Cuckooland have found a very useful and yummy Belgian Chocolate Tea Pot. This ultra decadent gift is the ultimate in chocolatey treats. Simply heat up and the scummy Belgian chocolate middle will melt turning this mouth watering teapot into the perfect chocolate fondue. For a couple of chocoholics, this is such a fantastic gift idea!….Full Description >

10. SILENT NIGHT Luxury Christmas Hamper

christmas hamper



They say opposites attract and when this happens deciding on a Coupley Christmas Gift can be a nightmare. But never fear, for Cuckooland is here with a the silent night Luxury Christmas Hamper. This gastronomically glorious Xmas Hamper has a little something for every couple. The Silent Night Luxury Christmas Hamper includes both white and red wine, savoury and sweet treats and a whole host of goodies perfect for couples who are on Santas nice list this year….Full Description >

Whether you’re looking for gifts for couples, that super stocking filler or a perfect present for kiddies, we have it all under one roof here at Cuckooland. So banish the bah humbug! this Christmas and feast your eyes on spectacular Gift Ideas from Cuckooland.




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