Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Animal Lovers

As a nation of pet lovers, we all have that one relative or friend who is just batty for animals. That one person who shares constant pictures of their pooch on Facebook or has a kitty with her own Instagram account. But whoever that special someone who loves all creatures great and small is, there is one thing for sure; this year they are easier than ever to buy for, thanks to Cuckooland’s Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Animal Lovers. So pull on those fluffy slippers, grab a nice hot chocolate and prepare to be dazzled by our unique and unusual gifts for pet lovers….

10. Labrador Weathervane – £59.95

If you’re looking for something truly unique for your animal loving recipient then we recommend the ultimate in pooch appreciating statements; a labrador weathervane.  This beautifully made weathervane will turn a home into a symbol of pet pride. The Labrador weathervane makes a fantastic gift which will be cherished for years to come, and is even available in a multitude of other animal shapes.


9. Whale Jojo Bookend – £44.95

Combine an animal lover with a book fanatic and you have a very interesting character. For fans of Moby Dick and animal conservation efforts the Whale Jojo Bookend by Zuny is their perfect present. Easy to maintain and requires no food or water and as always, no actual animals have been harmed in the production of the Zuny collection of animal bookends.

 zuny_whale_bookend8. Dachshund Print Cashmere Scarf – £42.00

For all the fashion forward doggy fans the Dachshund Print Cashmere Scarf would make the perfect gift this Christmas. The gorgeous Dachshund Designer Cashmere Scarves are woven on antique wooden looms, block printed by hand and presented in a beautiful gift box.

dog_scarf7. Rainbow Peacock Doorstop – £28.95

For animal lovers who prefer feathery friends, the Rainbow Peacock Doorstop would make a great gift this Christmas. Enjoy a bright and beautiful welcome home with this lovely little addition. The Rainbow Peacock Doorstop is heavy enough to do the job but soft enough not to hurt your toes.

 peacock_doorstop6. Flock of Sheep Draught Excluder – £59.00

For all those Shepard enthusiasts who would love a flock of their own (without the hard work) take a look at the quirky Flock of Sheep Draught Excluder. Keep the home cosy and cute with a row of fluffy sheep keeping those unwanted chills at bay.


 5. Mr Ringneck Pheasant Bird Doorstop – £22.95

For animal lovers who can’t actually have a pet because of allergies etc the Mr Ringneck Pheasant Bird Doorstop makes a great present. Mr Ringneck is the friendliest Pheasant around, he loves large families but isn’t too fond of hunters. Give a family a Mr Ringneck this Christmas and they will have an animal chum for life!

mr_ringneck_doorstop 4. Orla Kiely Bird House – £24.95

Those cute little garden birds might have already packed up and migrated south for their jolly holidays but give them a beautiful welcome home this spring with a fabulous Orla Kiely Bird House. This is a perfect unique gift for bird lovers.


3. Knitted Stag Design Hot Water Bottle – £42.00

The Knitted Stag Design Hot Water Bottle is the ultimate little comfort on those cold and dark nights. Made from lambswool, it is super soft and will keep you cosy when you need it most. You’ll be ‘stag’gered by how soft and snuggly our new blue stag hot water bottle cover is!


2. Spaniel Shaped luxury Chocolates – £7.95

How about a gift that will not only appeal to animal lovers but to chocolate lovers too! Each box contains a selection of milk, white and dark spaniel shaped chocolates and comes wrapped in a beautiful designer ribbon. These luxury novelty chocolates are guaranteed to please any pet enthusiasts this Christmas.


1. Golden Retriever Wagging Tail Clock – £40.00 (Also available in Greyhound, Scottie, Spaniel, Labrador, Poodle, Jack Russell, German Shepherd, British Bulldog and Collie!)

Now this next gift is sure to put your tail in a spin! The fabulously fun Golden Retriever Wagging tail clock actually wags it’s tail as each second passes. This versatile time piece would look great on just about any wall and is sure to impress an animal lover! Also available in Greyhound, Scottie, Spaniel, Labrador, Poodle, Jack Russell, German Shepherd, British Bulldog and Collie!



We’re sure your animal loving friends will be barking mad for any of the above. Why not share your favourite item with us by leaving a comment below.

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