Top 10 Cuckoo Christmas Gifts for Kids under £50

Listen hard enough and you will hear the frantic pounding of boots on the pavement, the fever pitched windsong of flapping catalogs and jingling of keys as parents up and down the country search for the best Christmas gifts for their children. As the panic sets in so does the fear that this year will be like every other year full of stress, desperation and despair. But lets forget the stress for one second and inspire a little creative genius into your Christmas shopping. We have put together our own top 10 Cuckoo Christmas gifts for kids under £50 which we hope will give you more of a choice from a list of thoughtful quality gifts, well at the very least we hope to offer an alternative to the usual line up of products subliminally advertised across the major cartoon networks this time of year! So sit back, relax and prepare to be inspired by our Christmas elves….

10. Christmas Pudding Sweet Tree – £19.95

All Kids love Chocolate, thats just a fact of life. So when Christmas comes rolling around one of the easiest gifts to give is of course the sweet stuff.  Made with Malteasers and presented in a delicious chocolate pot, the Christmas Pudding Sweet Tree can also have a personalised name on the pot.

christmas pudding sweet tree

9. Kids Bread Making Kit – £14.95

Make Christmas extra fun this year with themed ‘make and do’ Christmas gifts. The Kids Flowerpot Bread making kit is perfect for kids who love to bake and have fun. This luxury kids flowerpot bread making not only contains bread mixes but also flowerpots that you can use again and again.

flower pot bread making kit

8. Pirate Shack Toy Bag – £34.00

Argh me’ hearties! Every pirate needs a place to keep his treasure and the Pirate Shack Toy Bag is the perfect treasure chest. However, if your little one prefers pink and cute to skull and cross bones there’s the Princess Castle Toy Bag.

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 14.24.46

7 Dinosaur Bobo Bookend – £41.00

Turn the reading corner into a roar-some place of fun this Christmas with the Dinosaur Bobo Bookend. Easy to maintain and requiring no food or water, Bobo is the perfect special gift for older children.

bobo bookend

6. Snakes and Ladders Wall Sticker – £34.99

Turn the your home into a ‘funhouse’ this Christmas with a Snakes and Ladders wall Sticker. This wonderfully interactive Snakes and Ladders makes learning numbers easy-peasy and fun. Make your way to the finish by rolling the dice. If you land on a ladder you’ll find a speedy shortcut, but watch out for those slippery snakes!

snakes and ladders wall sticker

5. Pizza Dough Home Baking Kit – £14.95

Another classic ‘make and do’ style christmas gift, the Pizza Dough Home Baking Kit not only contains the dough mix but also tools & utensils that you can use again and again. The easy to follow instructions means that even the tiniest of chefs can enjoy creating their very own pizza.

pizza making kit

4. Smoothie Faux Fur Hot Water Bottle – £38.00

Who doesn’t love a warm snuggly cuddle? Well with the Smoothie Faux Fur Hot Water Bottle your little one will enjoy the best cuddles when they need them most. This adorable hot water bottle with matching toy is the perfect gift for a child, especially during the cold winter months.

hot water bottle

3. Ladybird Kids Backpack – £34.95

Kids are always on the go, and usually with half the house in tow. Why not keep your little mites happy with the adorable Ladybird Kids Backpack.  In bright red and green with Juju the Ladybird embroidered on the front, the eco-friendly, PVC free backpack features multiple compartments, adjustable straps and an easy to use zip fastening. With a practical name tag and many other designs to choose from, the choice is perfect for active kids.

ladybird backpack

2. Finlay Fox Animal Slipper – £24.95

Considered a staple of Christmas, slippers are as essential as they are fun. So give your little one the greatest pair of slippers this winter with the Finlay Fox Animal Slipper. Kids will have fun sneaking about in these cute slippers, just keep them away from the chickens!!

finlay fox slippers

1. Astronaut Duvet – £44.95

If your little boy dreams of space exploration then we have the perfect gift for you! The Snurk Astronaut Duvet Set will transform your tiny space cadet into a real life astronaut. Or if you have a princess who dreams of becoming a beautiful ballerina then how about the ballerina duvet instead?

astronaut duvet set

So there we have it, a list of 10 awesomely unique christmas gifts for kids under £50. Let us know which is your favourite below in the comments section.


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