BBQ season: Top 7 Unique Gifts for Him

The barbecue.  Truly the oldest of human male rituals.  There’s something so tribal and primitive about cooking meat outdoors for a large group of people, that seems to trigger some sort of long-dormant “alpha male” instinct in a man.  Perhaps it’s the whole protector/provider thing – the spatula is a sceptre in the manly hands of a barbecue cook; he has the power to decide who eats first and who eats last, and the male leads the tribe once more.  Must be a refreshing feeling after a long week of being shouted at about spreadsheets, eh?

But the sun’s really starting to come out now, and British men are beginning to squint through the cracks in the rocks at the entrance to their caves.  Hibernation is nearly over, and soon Britain’s back gardens will be full of pinkened shoulders and beer bellies, and what better way to welcome the alpha silverback back outdoors than with a few time-honoured “gifts for him” for the barbecue season?  Here are seven unique gifts for him for the barbecue season!


7) The best booze, chilled to perfection

The perfect gift for him, of course.  On equal footing to the all-important meat on the BBQ scale of manliness (which runs from “Nick Clegg in a tutu” to “Tom Hardy wrestling a bear”) is booze.  Now, no true man will ever be told what his favourite tipple should be, but we would bet that given the choice it would come served cold. Whether is a crisp Scandinavian Blonde (Lager, of course… we wouldn’t want to give him any ideas), or a freshly popped bottle of champagne, this silver plated champagne bath will ensure your man favourite drink is enjoyed in style.

gifts for him - champagne bath

6) A Man’s castle… in a field

A mans home truly is his castle, but why should this be limited to his residential address? Create a castle away from home (or even in the back garden if the mood so takes you) with one of these FieldCandy A-Frame tents. As cool as they are stylish, these tents represent the perfect home-away-from-home for any discerning male.

field candy GB tent


5) “Bucket of Fun” BBQ Kit

Of course, back gardens aren’t the only suitable locations for a barbecue this summer.  Although Britain’s suburbs will be ringing with conversation and incensed by the smell of sizzling meat, the quiet life isn’t enough for some.  Some barbecue-lovers prefer to escape to festivals and campsites, or simply just have a barbecue in the local park.  A perfect summer gift for barbecue enthusiasts on the go is the “Bucket of Fun” by Sophie Conran.  Simple, portable and, most of all, affordable, the Bucket of Fun comes with a grill, tongs and ignition equipment, so you can take the party wherever you please!


4) Garden furniture

So you’ve set up your perfect barbecue – you’ve got the grill, the tongs, the beers; and that enticing, sweet, thin smoke is blowing over your garden.  But what do your guests see when you get there?  A few wooden chairs borrowed from the dining room, legs creating potholes in the grass.  Perhaps a more unusual gift for him this summer is lawn furniture.  Why not take a look at our range of stylish hammocks. Not only will it look great in your garden, but we can guarantee ultimate comfort when relaxing in the sun.

Marine hammock

The Apollo Marine Hammock – Perfect for the man who loves to relax.


3) Crude/pun-based novelty apron

Ah, the classics.  If the spatula is a sceptre for the barbecue king, then the novelty apron is surely his crown jewels.  Whether it be the ambitious invitation to “kiss the cook”, or a cunning optical illusion to make that sun-kissed beer belly resemble the figure of a well-endowed lady, the novelty barbecue apron is sure to be a hit with absolutely nobody.


2) …Lotus BBQ Grill accessories!

We may be getting a touch ahead of ourselves with accessories to number one on our list coming in position two, but trust us, your man will love them.  The Lotus Grill comes in a whole variety of colours, so you don’t want the man in your life to be caught out looking unprofessional!  He might not notice it, but you certainly will!


1) Lotus Grill

The ultimate in barbecuing excellence – winner of the 2013 Australian design award, the multi-international award-winning Lotus Grill is known worldwide for its hi-tech, high-experience grilling action, so what better gift for men than the very best in barbecuing technology?  Small, convenient, battery-powered, and even dishwasher-safe – taking care of all the clean-up – the Lotus Grill truly is the best gift you could give to the barbecue chef in your life.


Honourable mention: Hot pot BBQ and Herb Garden

If your barbecue aficionado is also partial to a spot of gardening, then this quirky little invention may be the perfect gift!  The name says it all really – on the surface it’s a simple plant pot – perfect for growing your own herbs! – but it opens up to reveal a secret barbecue unit!  Genius!

Block & Blum BBQ herb garden

So those are our top gift ideas for him and his barbecue this summer!  We hope this will give you some idea of what to buy for the manly barbecue chef (we know how hard they are to buy for), and bring you a long, hot summer of great barbecuing!  Have any ideas of your own?  Let us know in the comment!

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