6 Holiday Essentials for the Sophisticated Woman

It’s that time of year again; summer is just around the corner, so Britain’s sophisticated ladies can look forward to a solid six months of that blazing, British summer sun that our isles are so well known for.

Or not.

Whether she’s jetting off abroad, or keeping her feet firmly on the ground for a traditional British seaside break, there are plenty of great and unique gifts for her to take with her.  Whether it’s gifts for mum, gifts for wives, gifts for friends, or just generally gifts for ladies in your life who are important to you, here are our top seven holiday gift ideas for ladies!  Pay attention, boys.

Essential gifts for her

CC courtesy of Roberto TRM

6 Caribee Document Wallet

Starting off with a very important gift for ladies all over the world, the Caribee Doc…


Oh, alright, we admit it.  This one’s a bit of a cheat because it’s more unisex than anything. But such is the Caribee Document Wallet that we couldn’t possibly leave it out of a list of important holiday items, no matter who it’s for!  A handy and easily-concealed little wallet that’ll keep money, passports, plane tickets and all other kinds of travel essentials together, the Caribee Document Wallet will put an end to that sinking “did I remember to pick up the tickets?” feeling ten minutes before her flight’s set to depart!

Gift ideas for him

5 Elmwood Canvas iPad Case (in pink, of course)

What with our reliance on technology nowadays, the days of reading Patricia Cornwell novels on the beach look to be numbered – increasingly, books are being read on iPads!  She can also watch a movie on there, listen to music, and even send you a video call from the poolside while you’re at home freezing!  This handy gift will protect her technology from scrapes and scratches – oh, and the pink colour will mean that dads and boyfriends aren’t tempted to pinch it.

Elmwood ipad case

4 Make-up and toiletry bags

A girl always needs somewhere to carry her makeup and other girly products that you chaps don’t have to worry about, so make sure she’s carrying them around in style!  I mean, call me biased, but I hear there’s this great, quirky website called Cuckooland that has a cool and unique range of make-up and toiletry bags that she’ll absolutely love!

holiday cosmetic bag

3 Eau Carafe

You might disagree that a bottle with a stick of charcoal in it isn’t a suitable gift for a lady… you might be right.  But take a closer look!  This sleek and slender bottle is actually the Eau Carafe – a tribute to the ancient Japanese tradition of water purification.  That charcoal is actually a “recharge”, which enriches water (no matter how questionable the tap it’s from) with minerals, making it – not just drinkable – but tasty and healthy!

Eau Carafe water bottle

2 Festival Sport Mighty Purse

Okay, so maybe we’re cheating a little with our final two, but the Mighty Purse by Handbag Butler really is our favourite item for sophisticated women this summer. We won’t ruin the suspense of just how awesome the Mighty Purse is (that’s coming up next), but will comment on how stunning the Festival Sport version is. Truly stunning.

festival gifts for her

1 The Mighty Purse

The Mighty Purse kills two proverbial birds with one stone.  Not only does its sophisticated and flexible design mean that – whether she’s into clutch bags or handbags – she can be at the height of fashion anywhere she goes in a way that’s unique to her… but it also solves that great 21st-century problem of that ear-piercing double-bleep of a phone that’s low on battery!  That’s right – no longer will she have to worry about running out of battery at the beach or on a leisurely stroll (and neither, for that matter, will any of the gentlemen!), as the Mighty Purse comes with an inbuilt USB connector to charge some of the most popular phones on the market!  The only one it really misses out is the iPhone/iPad series, but that problem can soon be solved by a handy and affordable extension.  The Mighty Purse is certainly the ultimate gift for the 21st-century woman!

The Might Purse in gold shimmer

We hope our list of holiday gift ideas for her has inspired you, and saved you from a night in the doghouse!  If you haven’t found anything that’s quite perfect, be sure to check out the rest of our quirky and unique range of gifts for her – I’m certain you’ll find something suitable!  If you have any ideas of your own, feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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