Top Christmas Gifts For Kids

1. Snurk Children’s Duvet Bedding Set

Snurk designer children's duvet set


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Give those aspiring Pirates, Princesses, Knights and Ballerina’s (even Firemen and Astronauts!) the gift of imagination this Christmas with a Duvet Bedding Set by Snurk. Snurk produces kid’s bedding which is designed to capture their imagination and bring out the wonderfully playful side of every child. Browse the incredible collection of Snurk bedding and you’re sure to find a bedspread that perfectly matches your child’s personality…. Full Description >

2. Little Bird Told Me Rocking Horse

Rocking Horse


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Is there anything more beautiful than a rocking horse at Christmas? This traditional children’s gift has been a firm favourite for hundreds of years and is still very much loved and in demand today. Little Bird Told Me produce some of the best rocking horses available today. These beautiful little steeds are crafted to perfection and feature stunning details, fabrics and frames. Your little one will no doubt spend hours of fun riding high on their one-of-a-kind rocking horse…. Full Description >

3. Win Green Play Tents

Win Green Play Tent


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Kid’s love nothing more than to have a nice bit of play time with friends. So allow your little ones to immerse themselves in imagination and fun this Christmas with a Play Tent by Win Green.  The super cool play tents make the best backdrop to any Pirate Adventure, Princess Tea Party or Knights Tale. The easy to assemble tents feature a light metal frame and can be used as an indoor playhouse and as an outdoor playhouse (when the weather improves, of course!)…. Full Description >

4. Blackfox Sheepskin Style Waterproof Wellies

Ugg style waterproof boots


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Get the kids excited about walks in the (extra) fresh air this winter with a pair of uber stylish Blackfox Sheepskin Style Waterproof Wellies. The Blackfox Boots, or Snug Boots as we like to call them, will keep those wiggly little toes warm all through the winter and best of all they’re waterproof! So no more soggy socks; the Blackfox Sheepskin Style Waterproof Wellies will make those winter walks a dry and stylish err walk in the park (!).…. Full Description >

5. Seedling Design A Dragon Activity Set

seedling make your own kits


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Children are creative little so and so’s. If your house resembles an art studio then your little ones will be head over heels in love with these uber cool do-it-yourself Seedling Design A Dragon Activity Sets. Suitable for artists age five and up the Design A Dragon Activity Set has everything you need to create a multi coloured dragon. Simply sprinkle a little imagination onto your creation and bam! You have your very own real life dragon! It isn’t just dragons that come on Seedling Activity Sets. Browse the range and you will find sets to create everything from superhero capes to princess crowns.…. Full Description >

6. ButtonBag Make Your Own Sets

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 16.19.16


Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 20.04.25

If your little one love to acquire new hobbies we have just the thing for you. Our ButtonBag Make Your Own Sets are the perfect Christmas gift for busy hands. Each set is perfectly designed to teach children how to sew, cross-stitch or knit. These cute-as-a-button kits come in a beautifully designed suitcase to keep all the essentials in one place. So give your little creative cat a gift they’ll cherish this Christmas with a ButtonBag Make Your Own Set.…. Full Description >

7. Clockwork Soldier Design Your Own Comic Book

design your own superhero comic book


Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 20.04.25

For something altogether more traditional this Christmas, we have a range of Design Your Own gifts from Clockwork Soldier.  From firm design favourites such as butterflies and animal masks to quirky dinosaur puppets, Clockwork Soldier has it all. For those budding superhero’s we have the incredibly fun design your own superhero comic book. Create a caped crusader along with scenes, powers and costumes. The design your own comic book is suitable for any experience level and will allow children to develop, plan and write a story which is personal to them…. Full Description >

8. Sew Heart Felt Fairy Wings

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 09.55.55


Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 20.04.25

Dressing up is a favourite pastime for many children. Whether it’s a fairy or pirate, we have you covered with our wonderful range of Sew Heart Felt dressing up sets. Sew Heart Felt design adorable toys and accessories for children which are every bit as cute as they are fun. Browse the Sew Heart Felt range and you’re sure to find some inspiration for stocking fillers this Christmas…. Full Description >

9. Moulin Roty Children’s Little Wardrobe Suitcase

Moulin Roty Children's toys


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The Moulin Roty Children’s Little Wardrobe Suitcase contains some nostalgic value for grown-ups. This adorable little play set features two beautifully made character dolls and a wardrobe of clothes to dress them in. This super sweet Children’s Christmas Gift has a vintage feel with its stunning carry case design. Moulin Roty makes traditional toys and gifts for children which are guaranteed to become treasured heirlooms…. Full Description >

10. Mercia Kid’s Wooden Playhouse

Mercia designed outdoor playhouse


Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 20.04.25

If you’re on the lookout for that big, wow factor gift this Christmas then look no further than the Mercia Kid’s Honeysuckle Wooden Playhouse. The Mercia range of wooden playhouses are the perfect addition to any garden and will outlast even the most British of weather. Made from high-quality wood, these stunning playhouses come in a giant range of styles; from single story units to multi-story playhouses…. Full Description >

11. Berg Compact Pedal Go-Kart

Go Kart in Blue


Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 20.04.25

Get ready, set, and go for the best Christmas gift in 2015! The Berg Compact Pedal Go-Kart is the perfect gift for kids who just love to dash too and fro. Available in two colours, this awesome pedal go-kart will appeal to little boys and girls who love to travel in style. The built in BFR drive system allows it to pedal forwards, brake and begin to pedal backwards without needing to change gear… Full Description >

Here at Cuckooland we’re as excited as Santa about this year’s festivities. That’s why we have decked our halls with unique and quirky gifts to make this Christmas as fun and entertaining as possible for you. Browse our brilliant selection of Christmas gifts today and you’re sure to find inspiration for everyone who made this years list.



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