Top Festival ‘Must Have’ Products!

Can you feel the ground thump? Can you hear the cringe worthy (how dare you!) anthem of our youth? Festival time is upon us. Yippee, a silent cheer and a fist pump under our desk, we’ll soon be dancing in a field with thousands of strangers, queuing for food and loo’s and smelling like damp Pringles and ripe banana’s. YAYY! Here are a few must have’s to take with you.

Festival Hip Purse with Built-in Phone Charger
Launch May 2014


“Perfect if your battery life runs out faster than loo roll at Glastonbury!”

Throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care with this season’s hottest accessory – the Festival Hip Purse! Perfect for raving in a field, the purse looks cute, keeps your stuff safe and your hands free to dance, drink and use a portaloo with ease! If that isn’t enough, the purse has a built-in charger that’s capable of fully charging your phone twice- and that’s enough juice to twittertalk your favourite headliner and annoy your Facebook friends with smug selfies.

The Festival Hip Purse can be worn across the body, around the waist, attached to your belt or used as a clutch. It has enough room to hold your tickets, phone, cash, cards and lippie! Made from water resistant quilted nylon and available in Black and Olive.

May 2014 also sees new additions to the original range of phone charging purses (see below) in pastel colours including grey, cream and powder blue. The Mighty Purse Designer Clutch Bag works directly with devices with a micro-USB port and with Apple devices using a licensed Apple adaptor, sold separately.


Solar Powered Tents Headline at Campsites this Festival Season
New for 2014


Bang Bang Tents is the brainchild of former MTV festival presenter Rob Bertucci. Travelling around the world he couldn’t help notice that every field had blue or green tents as far as the eye could see, making it impossible for festival-goers to find the way back to their tent after a night out on the razzle. More annoyingly, the phone battery would be flat by the time they got there – making it impossible to meet with friends or post smug pictures to facebook. So he started Bang Bang Tents, which generate enough electricity to power computers, phones, cameras and speakers and keep rockers rocking through festivals.

The Bang Bang Solar-Powered Tents are available in 6 different styles that include chopped wood, grass, jelly beans, and butterflies. The tents can hold up to 4 people and help folks stay connected and their gadgets fully charged. Bang Bang Tents come equipped with a 5W solar panel that soaks up the sun rays while set up on the festival grounds during the day. The batter bank hooks up to any mobile devices via USB cable. They are designed especially for the possible inclement weather during festivals and allow attendees to stay connected and protected.

Get Ready for Summer & Festivals with New Designs from Field Candy

Adult Tents: £395, Little Campers Tipi: £195


Finding your tent at this years’ summer festival will be no problem with the incredible range of unique, creative designs from FieldCandy. Adding excitement to the outdoors, there are a variety of designs to suit every personality – cool off inside a wedge of melon, chill out in your own man cave or go on the prowl with your own Leopard tent. Proudly made in England, each tent is incredibly detailed and beautifully printed.
FieldCandy Tents have been seen at festivals all over the world – the unexpected, exciting designs are the ultimate accessory. New additions for 2014 include the ultimate Glasto Cow Tent (pictured above) and the new FieldCandy range for little campers.

Little Campers is available in six different exciting designs, including a fairground carousel called Hold Your Horses and a circus style tent named Clowning Around (pictured below). Each design is modelled on a traditional teepee with a contemporary twist and is specially created to inspire children into creative playtime.


View our full range of Unique Kids Tents by Field Candy.

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