Top Must Have Christmas Gift for Him

Raise your Glasses this Christmas to the seasons

“I see” said the dashing director of Cuckooland as he casually leans down and effortlessly sticks a pair of stunning blue See Concept Reading Glasses to the fridge. “No more losing my glasses, no more hunting for them around the house, and another reason to gravitate towards the fridge… I love them!”

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And so, it would seem, do our fabulous Cuckooland customers, because… they appreciate the finer things, especially another typically fun and flamboyant design concept by our friends who travel by ferry (that be the French!) Colourful, durable and above all purposeful & useful thanks to a hidden magnet in the body, these new to the UK See Concept Reading Glasses are proving to be quite a popular choice this Christmas as customers of the fairer sex hunt for that one Manly Christmas Gift for Him that doesn’t involve clothes, sport or alcohol. See, they do exist!

And psst, you can use them to stick shopping lists to the fridge too! He’ll know exactly where they are at all times and he’ll never struggle to read a recipe, newspaper article, phone number or message again! Pure Genius.

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Available in Lagoon Blue, Red and Yellow. Priced at £19.95

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Cuckooland prides itself on its immaculate customer service and offers Free Delivery Options, Free Returns and Random Acts of Cuckooness as a “thank you” to its swelling legion of Cuckooland friends and customers.

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