Top Nursery Trends for 2016

As the warmer weather arrives, you may be wondering how to achieve that effortless light and airy look for your little wonder’s nursery. Decorating the site of your baby’s formative stages is incredibly important, allowing you to create a whimsical haven for your marvellous munchkin that slots in perfectly with the tastes and values of your family home.

To make planning your nursery a walk in the park, Cuckooland is here to give you the lowdown on what’s officially ‘in’ for nurseries this summer. Without further ado, let us count down the top 10 nursery trends to look out for in 2016, and how we can help you stay on top form for a stylish start to those early days…

10. A blank canvas

As the lines between masculinity and femininity blur, many parents are ditching the traditional pink-and-blue décor for gender-neutral nursery design. It makes sense really: why encode formula on a tot that hasn’t had a chance yet to form their own impressions about the world?

Play it progressive like the modern family you are with our gorgeous 3-Piece Room Set by East Coast Nursery, creating a blank canvas that your baby can stamp its own personality on.

3-Piece Room Set by East Coast Nursery

East Coast Toulouse 3PC Nursery Set from £760

9. Natural style

Summer is a great incentive to bring a love of the outdoors inside. Bring a touch of nature to urban living, to give your room boundless amounts of innocence and zen. Backdrops such as Water Lily Wallpaper from Hibou Home, with its dainty depictions of insects and plant-life, do the job perfectly, especially with a mint-green hue.

When filling your nursery with toys and gifts, you can really bring this theme to life. The Lambert Infant Rocker throws a fresh spin on a classic toy, inviting engagement with the natural world that won’t be confined to those four walls.

Water Lily Wallpaper

KIDS WALLPAPER Secret Garden in Water Lily from £70

8. Chilled-out nursing chairs

It’s good having somewhere to relax and admire your little one during those precious midnight feeds, so get comfy in a nursing chair that will become your favourite feature of the baby’s room. Invest in a plush, modern Mo-Ma Glider Nursing Chair, or choose an old-school alternative like the Ro Ki Rocker by Olli Ella.

Ro Ki Rocker

RO KI Rocker Nursery Chair from £795

7. A weight off your mind

Packing away baby’s knick-knacks will obviously lead you to wardrobes and dressers as a main storage solution. However, you can let the breezy attitude of the summer months into your nursery by going for a lightweight option that’ll look great in full sunlight. Olli Ella have a range of Storage Baskets that’ll do the trick – they’re handsomely made, colourful, and entirely suited for times when mess needs a quick clean.


OLLI ELLA STORAGE BASKET in Coda Design from £65

6. High in the sky

Oceans of summer clouds can seem like great big marshmallows that your baby will be itching to touch. Make that slightly easier by choosing a high chair that’ll inspire them to reach for the sky! We recommend the Flexa High Chair, a contemporary seat for your little sweetie, with adjustable design that makes it suitable for children up to the age of 12. Seeing really is believing with these clever modern high chairs!

Flexa High Chair

Flexa High Chair from £220

5. Wood is a winner

Certainly in vogue right now, wooden furniture has staged a comeback into the hearts of mums and dads around the world, and the season is an awesome chance to show off the naturalism of a finely crafted wooden piece.

Take a look at our Cot & Junior Bed in Beech Wood by Leander, a stunning base for your tot to dream the night away. Made by Leander, a Danish designer, it has an ultra-modern look with plenty of room for your child to explore its dimensions. For a more comprehensive purchase, you should check out the Mini-Nursery Room Set by Obaby, which has all the essentials hewn from delicious pinewood.

Leander Cot & Junior Bed in Beech Wood

LEANDER Cot & Junior Bed from £799

4. Relaxing shades

Soft colours are the go-to palette for nursery décor, but pastel is currently experiencing new levels of interest from style-conscious parents. We don’t blame them – creative use of pastel shades guarantees a happy baby burbling to contentment.

Olli Ella come up trumps again with their Harlequin Dawn Design pillows, embossed with a muted diamond pattern. The aesthetic continues in their Baby Blankets, which will swathe your little one in physical and visual comfort.

Harlequin Dawn Design pillows

Harlequin Dawn Design pillow from £25

3. A snoozer’s paradise

Following the train of thought from above, a relaxing atmosphere really takes precedence at this time of year. The days are long, meaning your baby is likely to find sleep more difficult in comparison to other seasons.

The Baby Organic Wool Cot Mattress, courtesy of The Little Green Sheep, is ideal for retaining a dry and decadent slumber. It’s manufactured without chemicals so your babe can have an organic rest whenever they choose. Its the perfect accompaniment to the Snuzpod, the award-winning 3-in-1 moses basket and crib which provides a safe alternative to bed sharing or co-sleeping, without losing any of the benefits.

SnuzPod Three in One Crib

SNUZPOD 2 3-in-1 Cot from £169

2. Stepping stones

Having quality furnishings to carpet the rough and tumble of growing bodies is a must for any nursery. With the sun alighting everything we see, it’s hard to go wrong with a Felt Ball Rug designed to flourish under baking light. The swirling well of colour and contrast will brighten the horizons of your baby’s first steps, in addition to feeling simply divine under your toes.

Felt Ball Rug

Olli Ella Felt Ball Rug from £249

1. World is a beautiful place

To give that summer-drenched nursery wall-to-wall beauty, framed pictures are perfectly on trend. We can’t get enough of pastel Wall Art, with modern, abstract shapes that will remind you of warm summer nights and lazy afternoons. Deck your nursery with graphics and marvel at the fuzzy, inviting haze leaking from the walls.


OLLI ELLA WALL ART in Alma Design from £15

Building a stylish nursery for your baby’s first summer should be an easy and enjoyable task, so look no further than Cuckooland to find the latest trends for nursery décor, friends. Let your imagination run wild with these suggestions as you browse our full nursery furniture collection and give that ray of light in your life a suitable place for a sunny attitude to greet them and never let go.

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