Top Ten Christmas Gifts Ideas For Pets


Large Dog Bag Made With Microfibre



If the answer to ‘who’s been a good boy this year?’ is ‘woof!’, then Santa has got a treat or two for Rover. For when it comes to Christmas, no man, woman, child or dog shall be left off Santa’s list. Santa has visited us here at Cuckooland and has approved our amazing range of gifts for pets. Gifts such as the Microfibre Doggy Bag have had the nod of approval from the big jolly man himself and it’s easy to see why. The Microfibre Zip up Bag is an ultra absorbent dog towel which keeps your pet, car and home spotless after walkies. The Microfibre Doggy Bag is so absorbent it will take in sand and mud and all the usual puddle water and slobber that comes with a messy walk… Full Description >

2. SNUGGLE DOG BED in Dotty Taupe Design

luxurious pet bed



Our next Christmas treat is sure to make your dog feel as snug as a pug in a rug. The Charley Chau Snuggle Dog Bed in Dotty Taupe is designed for doggies who just love to snuggle under a cosy blanket or duvet. This super luxurious pet bed features a super soft faux-fur fleece lined pocket which will wrap your dog up like a cuddle. If only they made this snuggle bed in human size too! … Full Description >


Mutts & Hounds scrummy dog treats



Christmas is the time for overindulgence, whether that’s an extra mince pie, a few more chocs from the box or an entire Christmas pudding. The same can be said for our tail-wagging companions. Every dog loves an extra treat so give him an extra special bag of treats with the Bite Sized Bone Shaped Dog Biscuits Gift by Mutts & Hounds. The Mutts & Hounds scrummy dog treats are all made with natural ingredients so they are especially good for doggies who have special dietary requirements. These treats are made with whole grain to keep your dog’s heart healthy and are packed full of tasty oats, parsley to aid digestion and peppermint to keep your dog’s breath smelling fresh … Full Description >

4. DOG SCARF in Snowflake Design

 dog scarf by Mutts & Hounds



If your dog has a fabulous wardrobe which rivals your own, then you need to take a look at the Dog Scarf in Snowflake Design. This warm and cosy dog scarf by Mutts & Hounds encapsulates a winter look for your pooch. The beautiful and stylish scarf features a fairisle knitted pattern and makes the perfect stocking filler for your dog. Available in two sizes and presented on a keepsake hanger, the Dog Scarf in Snowflake Design will certainly get your dog’s tail wagging with excitement this Christmas … Full Description >

5. DESIGNER DOG COLLAR in Balmoral Check Tweed

Luxury Dog Collar



Designer fashion accessories aren’t reserved for humans. Oh no, fashionable dogs up and down the country are flaunting their style in every park and street. The Balmoral Check Tweed Collar is a piece of designer excellence made exclusively for your dog. Featuring a classic, hard wearing collar design, this collar features the finest materials and is handmade in England. Each Luxury Dog Collar is made with beautiful Yorkshire tweed, the finest Bruccatio leather and solid brass fittings. The Balmoral Check Tweed Collar is a truly luxurious gift for your pet this Christmas … Full Description >


Faux Fur Dog Blanket In Charcoal



All pets enjoy their home comforts. Whether it’s a favourite chew toy, favourite treat or favourite cushion to curl up on. So this Christmas why not add to your pets repertoire of home comforts with the Faux Fur Dog Blanket by Charley Chau. A super slinky Faux-Fur Blanket featuring a beautiful smoky charcoal tone, super soft feel and stylish design. The Faux Fur Dog Blanket is as practical as it is gorgeous, and what’s more its machine washable … Full Description >

7. RAISED RATTAN DOG BED With Dotty Taupe Mattress

Rattan Dog Bed With Dotty Taupe Mattress



If you’re planning to go all out this Christmas and really treat your favourite pet, then we suggest taking a look at the stunning Raised Rattan Dog Bed. The beautiful Raised Rattan Dog Bed with Dotty Taupe Mattress is a gorgeous piece of furniture and looks amazing when placed in the corner of any room with your cute-as-a-button doggie curled upon it. Made of high-quality Rattan, this hand woven dog bed is a beautiful piece of luxurious furniture fit for a thorough-bred … Full Description >

8. DOG PILLOW BED in Union Jack Design

Union Jack dog Pillow Bed



The saying goes ‘let sleeping dogs lie’ and your dog will certainly be doing a lot of snoozing with the Dog Pillow Bed in Union Jack Design. The bright and beautiful Union Jack printed luxury linen Dog Bed features high quality printed material and a super soft place for your dog to settle. Made of  100% Scottish Linen, this bed features piped edge detail and is machine washable at 30 degrees. We have a Union Jack Dog Pillow Bed for dogs of every size, simply select small, medium or large … Full Description >


silver luxury bowl With Lord Lou's crest.



Cats were treated as gods during the Egyptian period (and they’ve not forgotten!) So treat your feline or pooch like royalty with the Luxury Silver Pet Bowl. The stunningly sophisticated silver luxury bowl features the very fabulous Lord Lou’s Crest. With a seriously stylish emblem engraved on the side of the bowl, the luxury silver pet bowl is a centre piece (err for the floor!) and a beautiful pet accessory … Full Description >


Classy Louis XVI style dog bed in Linen Ecru



We finish our top ten gifts for pets with the piste de resistance, the Classy Louis XVI style dog bed in Linen Ecru. This contemporary designed Luxury Designer Dog Bed features a curved solid oak frame and a matching fitted cushion for the ultimate in pet comfort.  The Classy Louis XVI style dog bed can be used a focal point in any room and will give an overall regal look to any area in the home. All of your pets Christmases will come at once with a George Luxury Designer Pet Bed … Full Description >

When it comes to Christmas, don’t settle for boring winter staples. Treat the whole family including those beloved pets to the best gifts around with our gifts for pets collection. You will find an incredible selection of unique gifts right here at Cuckooland.




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