Top Ideas to Improve your Outdoor Space – from Log Cabins to Fabulously Fun Garden Furniture

Roll up roll up fabulous Garden fans! Check out our amazing new garden collection from a whole host of top suppliers!

In case you haven’t noticed, we recently upped our game with fantastic new outdoor furniture and the large, progressive structures designed to take up residency on your lawn.

With more quirk than a bagful of petunias, our team have toiled tirelessly to source the best products from around the globe, all hoping to bathe in the brightness of our Blighty sun. Go on – treat yourself to a garden bonanza, the sort that’ll knock the socks off your guests and leave you tingling with a sense of pride and accomplishment …

We have some great ideas for dressing your exterior, and they’re all right here, picture perfect and ready for perusal:


Luxury Rotating Garden Pod from £7,999.00

Restructuring the mood

Many homeowners are just waking up to what an outdoor space can look like. Yes, we can dress our fences up with vines, drag a table to the patio, and ring lights around the banks of our turf. But there are now some truly awesome pieces to fit in your lawn – like for example this incredible Garden Igloo- a transparent dome that soaks up light and warm providing you with a protected vantage point to enjoy your outdoor space all year round.


The Garden Igloo 360 Dome from £649.00

Looking for something more permanent? Just feast your eyes on our log cabins: Stacked with quality, sanded timber, they’re your very own little sanctuary to furnish as you please, complete with windows, doors and tasteful rooftops.

Mercia Studio Log Cabin with Veranda

Mercia Studio Log Cabin from £1,099.00

Toughened glass means you have the same security – and heat retention, we might add – as your main living quarters. Single or double panes are available, as are a range of different builds: square-ish, stately, or just plain whimsical, aching for a special rug and rocking chair inside. The Woburn Log Cabin, as one example, has a porch grazing its front end; stand some potted ferns on either side for a welcoming flourish!

However, for a more ‘open’ sensibility, invest in a summer house. Our designs rocket from the traditional to the avant-garde, lapping up all the visual dexterity they can find. The Rowlinson Carmen House has slatted walls that drink in the light, and enough room for a bistro set. On the farther ends of space (both in terms of your lawn and interstellar style), place a Rotating Garden Pod, offering a 360° view of your greenery, whatever the weather.


Rowlinson Connor Summer House from £1,799.00

A loved-up retreat

Ever thought how your wife or hubby will appear with the twinkle of starlight in their eyes, under the eaves of an arbour? Well, now you can make that dream bloom to life, as Cuckooland’s latticed, curved and gently-cupping arbours are a great excuse for some seclusion, your hand clasped in another’s. Or firmly gripping a good book.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 17.02.11

Unique Garden Wheel Bench from £3,495.00

Buy a fantastic model like the Wooden Arbour in Bramble Brown, which can stand against a gold and orange bush, richly framing the surface colour scheme. Wheel Benches, such as that from Ornate Design, act as your go-to escape from unpredictable weather, letting those evening sessions last as long as you want them to. Generally, try to keep the arbour away from the centre of the lawn: the whole point is to have it tucked aside, scheming romantic thoughts, and offering party-goers the chance to talk somewhere private.


Rowlinson Winchester Arbour from £285.00

Hanging above your haven

There’s plenty more to say about garden structures, but we have to move on, especially when the languorous delights of our hammocks and hanging chairs come calling…

Kids Cacoon in blue

Bonsai Cacoon Hanging Cacoon from £169.00

The Cuckooland buyers don’t know how anyone can resist a swaying, banana-shaped bed strung from the trees or fence posts. Traditional styles will always be popular, but we have specialised units too that twist with your body. Lay an outdoor rug below, and consider a standing, solar-powered light where your head will rest, illuminating your reading on a summer’s eve. Yet, if you want to move these nests about, go instead for our frame-based hanging models, which are light and incredibly supportive. Kids will enjoy the Hanging Cocoons by Bonzai, sneaking undercover for hide-and-seek. Bigger chairs are there for the adults – even though we’re all children beneath the crust of our responsibilities – and we suggest a few more cushions, plumped how you like, to enhance the visual dynamics.

Globo Hanging Chair in White

Globo Hanging Chair in White from £449.00

Food for a makeover thought

But before you collapse into a hammock for a doze, you’ll probably be tempted to another corner of the garden, one where the unmistakable scent of sausages on the BBQ is coming from…

Bosham Outdoor Corner Sofa

Bosham Outdoor Corner Sofa from £2,400.00

Our garden furniture has grown to encompass some large, adaptable, and supremely chic dining tables. There’s the Chilson Dining Set to deploy, replete with benches and two header stools, or the Verdi Wooden package, shaved down from pure eucalyptus. A green/yellow colour finish can sit nicely beside your flowerbed, topped with a silver bowl for contrast. Some of our outdoor furniture sets even recline, so that you can stretch out and let the feast settle before contemplating your next green-fingered task. We love the Flow Garden Lounger, made to flex along the grooves of your spine and shoulders.

Chilson Table, Bench & Stool set

Chilson Table, Bench & Stool Set from £1,395.00

A childish tug of energy

So far, we’ve covered the naturalist grove of your décor plans. Whilst beech, spruce and oak will never go out of fashion, it’s worth looking into outdoor beanbags too. If you’re up to speed on exterior trends, you’ll know that beanbags have jumped from teenage living into other areas of the home, including the backyard!

For kids and adults alike, these pieces are a care-free spot for a nap as birds coo above you. One isn’t enough – nope, we’re definitely angling for two or three beanbags in a huddle, facing each other on the lawn. Leave enough room, of course, for swinging feet, but sample a few shades… See what you might do with a purple/silver combo, or mandarin and red in near-proximity.

Mighty B-Bag Outdoor Bean Bag

Mighty B-Bag Outdoor Bean Bag from £99.95

At Cuckooland, there’s rarely a day when we aren’t outside, hoping to feel the wind in our hair (yes most of us have hair; some don’t but most do – but who’s counting Russ??) and the rays on our faces. Assuming you’re the same, there’s no better starting ground for your new garden design than what we’ve uncovered today. In fact, there’s so much more to explore – browse our exterior collection, or call +44 (0) 1305 231231 to bounce some concepts off our super friendly and devilishly clever Cuckooland team.









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