Cuckooland’s Ultimate Christmas Gift List 2016

We all know the famous saying: ‘it’s better to give than receive’. Whoever said that (we’re picturing a wise old man, with his pockets turned out) was clearly deranged! Or were they? Surely there’s no lovelier sight at Christmas or anything more Christmasy than to watch an expectant little face lighten up with pure joy from a gift they’ve been dreaming about all year? Or anything more seat shifting than nervously witnessing your other half machete their way through your expensive gift wrapping to get at your carefully chosen heart felt present? Come to think of it, gift giving is downright nerve wracking! Thank Christmas for mulled wine! Point is, as long as you’ve taken the time to purchase something special, giving truly is a whole lot more exciting than receiving (because no-ones enjoys faking a smile when the socks or tea cosy turn up at the party!).

So its down to the thought then – ‘it’s everything’, the wise old man with the long white beard would say, which is why we’ve come up with the Ultimate Christmas Gift List for 2016. So roll up and roll in the Elves and lets start Ho Ho Ho-ing our way through this years most thoughtful gifts.…

10. Butler Boots

Butler Boots

Slipping over shoes like a layer of skin, Butler Boots for Kids morph any ordinary pair into plush, waterproof wonders. For any children with leg splints, this is the best solution for finding wellies that fit, letting tykes play outside with their pals when the rain sets in. Coming in a feast of bright colours, there’s a Butler Boot for any cheeky chappie who loves to splash and kick through puddles with a grin on their face.

(Coming soon) Butler Boots from £29.95

9. Aight Slap Watch for Women 

Aight Slap Watch for Women

The awesome Aight’s Slap Watches are sure to make an impact, embodying the sleek personality of current timekeeping trends. Now, for wrists that are a touch daintier, these French maestros have rolled out a feminine range, and they’re even more luscious than their predecessors. Light as a feather, they’ll sit above the hand with barely an ounce of friction, tracking every second to style glory.

Aight Slap Watch for Women from £49.95

8. GPO Ambassador Retro Record Player

GPO Ambassador Record Player

Giving old styles a new spin, retro-rebuilders GPO continue to drop jaws with their Ambassador Record Player range. They’re incredibly popular, decked in classy combos of tan/cream or green/black palettes, folding up into a mini-suitcase for trips that move to a quality soundtrack. A generous battery life coupled with the option to forge an mp3 recording from vinyl, giving music hounds something to bark about, purist or not. View our full range of retro record players here.

GPO Ambassador Retro Record Player from £109.00

7. Kids Teepee Cabin Bed

Designer kids bed by Woood

When the clock hits slumber time, it’s no secret that children are still feeling a bit adventurous, wriggling around for whatever the morning will bring. Buying for a kids’ bedroom can bring tough decisions, but none of them will please you and them more than the Teepee Cabin Bed. Its open-plan build brings a splash of moonlight down to your wee one as they’re courting a snooze, complementing the contemporary white finish for a freeing atmosphere. Think of their delight on Christmas day, waking to a stocking draped over the roof…

Kids Teepee Cabin Bed from £395.00

6. Berlin Boombox

Berlin Boombox

The 80’s is the pinnacle of music for many a Baby Boomer, and a big part of that was down to the boombox, an emblem of pulverising rock n’ roll and ghetto culture. Like a lot of vintage-minded products, it’s swung back round to the 21st century with a few mod cons on its shoulder pads. Arriving in a D.I.Y kit, you can enclose the core electronics in a stunning cardboard body, attaching the latest iPhone for up to 200 hours of on-the-go, high-quality tuneage.

Berlin Boombox From £59.95

5. Nordic Grip Wet Boots

Navy Anti Slip Wellies

Skipping across ice and snow is hard to resist when colder climes set in. Hey, there has to be something to go outdoors for, right? These luxurious, ultra-grip boots keep your feet nice and toasty in trying conditions, an awesome gift for gardeners who want to potter all year round. With authentic Nordic design as a base for their brilliance, they’ll eliminate slips and falls from digging days, dog-walking or any casual strolls through the woods.

Nordic Grip Wet Boots from £41.95 

4. Vagnby 7-in-1 Wine Aerator

Wine aerator by Vagnby

Drink buffs love sticking their nose into the wine curation process, and now they can dabble with the purest vino at home, regardless of their bottle selection. The clever clogs aerator by Vagnby gets right to the heart of a particular vintage, drawing sumptuous flavours to the fore with its oxidizing prowess. As the liquid hits your glass, it is swilled with the air of the room, and completely guarded against spills and visible screw treads. Definitely one for the high-brow husband, or a bloke of similar sophistication.

Vagnby 7-in-1 Wine Aerator from £44.95

3. Lomo’Instant Automat Camera 

Lamo’Instant Automat Camera

You’ve probably seen the instant photo craze shooting back to popularity. Muse on it however you like, but we think it makes perfect sense when so many of us never have a proper, physical copy of our wildest moments. Lomography has launched their new camera model, which boasts ultra-smart shutter and lighting features, shedding your shots in the best focus. There are oodles of fun, customisable filters to play with, sure to keep your fave woman happy on a rainy day.

Lomo’Instant Automat Camera from £89.00

2. Snurk Mermaid Bedding Set 

Snurk bedding in mermaid design

Gifts for Children can come in many shapes, sizes and shades of cool, yet we reckon girls the world over will simply melt when they see this mermaid-themed duvet set. With a pretty seahorse crown design on the pillow, they can drift off into an ocean of sleep, knowing full well that they’re a princess for life. There’s a new dinosaur option too for little monsters to sink their teeth into. 100% cotton manufacture forms the cosiest sleep spread imaginable, fit for machine washing. Take a peek at all our Snurk Designs – we have the largest collection on the Web!

Snurk Mermaid Bedding Set from £44.95

1. Podo V2 Selfie Camera

Wireless camera for smart phone

The final gift on our countdown is a gadget that’s made for creative photo fiends or couples on their travels. San Franciscan boffins Podo have unveiled the first ever stickable camera, awesome for quick snaps in weird and random locales. As long as you have a flat surface to hand – your actual hand might do – the V2 selfie camera can mold to it. Doors, walls and ceilings can lend you a different perspective, whilst full Bluetooth connectivity takes away the need for twisty upload cables.

Podo V2 Selfie Camera From £59.95

Phew – pretty exhaustive (but super cool right?). Buying presents does that to us since it’s so darn exciting! You won’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to order these top-notch gifts straight to your door or to the mailbox of your soon-to-be recipient. In fact we might even create a list entitled, ‘Top 10 Reasons just to sit at Home and enjoy Christmas without having to venture out into the Snarling Traffic and Dreadful Weather’ (they’ll be loads of references to the best Mulled Wine buys too… hmmm). Anyway, we digress, we hope this list helps place Christmas 2016 up there with the Olympics as the epic event of the year. Five Rings for Christmas 2016, hip hip…

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