What to Expect When Expecting in 2016

New Year, new adorable addition to the family! If you welcomed in the year with a bump, you’re no doubt full of excitement for what 2016 has in store. From kitting out your nursery to keeping up with the patter of tiny feet as your little angel grows, the first year of parenthood is a wonderful rollercoaster ride with surprises at every corner.

We know how busy the build-up to your new arrival can be, which is why we’ve put together a helpful guide that will prepare you for the journey ahead. Whether you’re starting a family for the very first time or you’re curious to see what new inventions will revolutionise parenting this time round, let’s explore what to expect when expecting in 2016.

White three piece nursery set by Obaby

Lincoln Mini Nursery Set From £749.00

It’s In The Bag

Contrary to popular belief, becoming a parent doesn’t mean abandoning all sense of style. Just because you’ve got bottles, nappies and a baby in tow, doesn’t mean you can’t walk out of the house looking and feeling suave, right? Nova Harley is here to save the day, with its selection of baby changing bags that both parents will feel proud to carry.

Designer baby change bag

Nova Harley Brisbane Change Bag From £219.00


Ladies, forget being laden down by your handbag and nappy bag. Find an all-in-one solution that you’ll love to wear all day – even when you get an afternoon to yourself! The Elegant Changing Bag may look like a designer handbag, but peek inside and you’ll find a thermos insulated bottle tote and plenty of storage for baby essentials.

Designer Change Bag

Nova Harley Elegant Change Bag From £99.00

Looking for a bag worthy of Daddy cool? We love the Madrid Changing Bag for days out and about, with a top handle as well as an adjustable shoulder strap for hands-free carrying. And if you’re seeking something a little larger for overnight stays, the Manhattan Changing Bag is a perfect carryall for him and her.

Designer change bag for baby in black

Nova Harley Madrid Change Bag From £229.00

A Dreamy Nursery

When you’re not being super mum or dad on the move, you want to prevent your humble abode from turning topsy-turvy with clothes, toys, nappies and bottles. So spend some time creating a dream nursery that will keep those baby essentials organised and easily accessible.

East Coast Toulouse Nursery Set

East Coast Toulouse Nursery Set From £869.00

Matching nursery furniture makes creating a gorgeous room for your new arrival simple, with a cot, wardrobe and dressing or changing table providing lots of storage for your little peep. Our whimsical Winnie the Pooh 3 Piece Set is ideal for parents who are waiting to reveal whether it’s a boy or girl, engraved with adorable Winnies and honey pots to create furniture that’s truly unique.

Winnie The Pooh 3 Piece Nursery Set

Winnie The Pooh 3 Piece Nursery Set From £589.00

Sweet Dreams, Guaranteed

Sleep is a precious commodity in those early months, so invest in a bed that will be worth its weight in gold as you count sheep with your little snoozer. Moses baskets are a must in those first few weeks when your baby is nestled by your bedside.

Micuna Smart Cradle

Smart Cradle With Mesh Window From £289.00

But if you want a sleeper that won’t be made redundant when your munchkin is ready for a crib, the Snuzpod is a perfect solution. This 3-in-1 bedside crib combines all the essentials of a cot, crib and bassinet in one, to create a bed that can easily move from the nursery to Mummy and Daddy’s room. With a rocking stand and a zipped, breathable mesh wall, it’s no wonder this clever concept was voted the number one Moses Basket, Crib or Cot by Mother & Baby in 2015. Available in natural, eco-white or espresso, it’s as stylish as it is functional.

SnuzPod Three in One Crib

Snuzpod 3-In-1 Crib From £199.95

When the time comes for baby to venture out into the great big world (or at least into their own room) we have a stunning collection of cots and cotbeds. Our range will see your little one from teeny tiny baby all the way through to toddler.

Mathy By Bols fusion baby cot

Mathy By Bols Baby Cot in Fusion Design From £763.00

Memorable Midnight Snuggles

Midnight feeds may sound exhausting, but every parent knows how magical those 2am, half-awake snuggles can be… If you’ve got a comfy chair to cuddle up in, that is! To make the most of those sleepy moments, invest in a nursing chair where you can recline and relax with your bundle of joy.

Designer Nursing Chair

Olli Ella Go Go Glider Nursing Chair From £875.00

Make your little one’s nursery your favourite room of the house, with an Olli Ella Go Go Glider Nursing Chair from our collection. Available in a delicious selection of colours, this micro-suede rocker is comfortable and refreshingly easy to clean, with a matching On It Ottoman that offers storage inside so you can enjoy more room to put your feet up, without compromising on space.

Olli Ella On It Ottoman

Olli Ella On It Ottoman From £350.00

Feeding Time At The Zoo

No matter how many times you feed your growing tot, it will never cease to amaze you how little of their food makes it into their mouth. But isn’t that what makes feeding time with your rascal so much fun (errr or not)? Watch your baby reign supreme at the dinner table with a high chair that you’ll be proud to keep in the dining room for years to come!

Find a high chair that will evolve as your child does from Cuckooland. We understand that bringing up a family can be an expensive business, which is why we’ve picked out a few innovative brands that will make your nursery purchases go further and last longer.

Flexa designer high chair

Flexa Adjustable High Chair From £205.00

The Flexa Adjustable High Chair has adjustable heights and a removable tray that makes it suitable for children up to the age of 12! Or at least until your little one demands an upgrade to an adult chair. Meanwhile, the Leander High Chair has a modern design and clever balance that can convert to a normal chair when your child no longer needs extra support. Available in six contemporary colours, it’s a cool addition to your home.

Designer high chair in whitewash

Leander High Chair in Whitewash From £159.00

Those first 12 months with your son or daughter are bound to be full of surprises, but by getting one step ahead with these parenting essentials, you’ll ensure that the only unexpected moments you have are ones to treasure for a lifetime. Whether you’re decorating the nursery or looking for the latest baby accessories, find everything you need to give your arrival the best start in life, right here at Cuckooland.

Shopping for nursery essentials? There’s no time like the present. Browse our full baby collection to get organised in the run up to your due date.

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