Yummy Mummy’s On The Go; Changing Bag Essentials

For a mother to be, getting all the preparation right is key to a stress free period of motherly bliss.  No new mummy wants to be worrying about the essentials when their bundle of joy has just come into the world, so a little bit of research and consideration goes a long way.  One of the most important pieces of new baby equipment is the Changing Bag. The changing bag becomes your saving grace when it comes to being out and about and your little one suddenly needs feeding/changing/pacifying or winding.  Yes, this little Mary Poppins style bag contains a whole world of fail-safes to ensure you’re never caught short on an outing. You can view our designer changing bag collection here.

The Perfect Bag

Your changing bag will become an extra limb in those first few months, attached predominately to either your arm or your pram, so it is important to remember comfort.  The shoulder strap and handle should be comfortable to lift and carry. Next up is specification; a good bag will contain a wipe clean lining (trust us mums, this is essential!). Also beneficial is a separate section for nappies, a changing mat or room for a changing mat, insulated pocket to keep bottles warm on the go,  zip pouch and easy access pockets for your things i.e. phone, purse and keys.

But fear not mummy’s, although it sounds like you will need to cart round an army bag, the baby changing bag has taken on a new form, the designer form! Become a real ‘Mum in the City’ with our pick of designer changing bags, which all feature the internal essentials as well as looking truly gorgeous.

All of the following bags include:

  • Leatherette Padded Changing Mat.
  • Leatherette Thermal Insulated Bottle Holder.
  • BabyBeau Dust Bag.
  • Keep Safe Pocket Pouch.
  • Leather Key Holder.
  • …and more.

The Unisex Joel Satchel Design Change Bag by BabyBeau

Designed to mimic the latest fashion accessory, the Satchel, this beautiful baby change bag has absolutely everything a mummy on the go requires for long days out.  With secure compartments inside as well as multiple storage compartments within the removable baby organiser. Joel is spacious enough to fit your laptop, macbook / iPad along with all baby’s essentials in the baby organiser. But best of all, the Joel Satchel is Unisex! Meaning daddies can pick up the bag and go without swapping mum’s dainty bag for a regular change bag.

unisex baby changing bag

Eden Designer Changing Bag by BabyBeau

As a winner of The Junior Design Awards for best changing bag, the Eden designer change bag is the perfect additional for any fashion forward Mummy.  Designed with a vintage look, the Eden is a stylish rounded tote that exudes elegance. This stunning baby change bag has a true vintage charm, which gives a timeless appeal, the leather is of exceptional quality and will age with beauty.  The Eden features a multitude of pockets and a removable organiser for convenience. If you love vintage classics then Eden is ideal for you.

eden baby changing bag

Bethany Patent Leather Change Bag by BabyBeau

Finally we have the truly fabulous Bethany by BabyBeau.  If your a mummy who demands style no matter what the substance, then this is the bag for you.  Featuring a high patent gleam, cute side bow and elegant turn lock, you will be the envy of the playground with this bag on your arm.   What’s most appealing about this bag is perhaps the specification, this stylish changing bag comes equipped with a leatherette padded changing mat, detachable key holder and a thermo-insulated bottle holder to keep fluids warm or cool for hours. Bethany also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and wipe clean linings throughout. This really is the designer change bag that ticks all the boxes.

bethany baby changing bag

Changing Bag Check List

So we have our designer changing bag, we look fabulous and feel like Sarah Jessica Parker running through New York City with adorable twins.  But lets not forget, we need to fill the bag.  So along with the tiny amount of additions mum needs, lets consider the basics for a well stocked changing bag;

  • A good stock of nappies (4-6)
  • Wipes
  • A full change of clothes for baby
  • Bibs
  • Feeding equipment, milk dispensers, sterilised bottles PLUS an extra feed
  • Teething soothers or dummies
  • Toys
  • Changing mat
  • Small blanket
  • Sun hat and sun cream (Weather depending)
  • Muslin squares
  • Infant pain relief sachets.
Being organised is key to keeping a well stocked baby changing bag.  We recommend using specific compartments for specific items and it may be a good idea to go over this with dads or grandparents/carers, basically anyone who has access to the baby changing bag and its delicate system of organisation.

Becoming a mother doesn’t mean that you will loose your sense of style and a designer changing bag is a wonderful fashion accessory which really show off your personal taste. For more on preparing yourself for motherhood, check out our range at Cuckooland.com.

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